Jimmy Buffett

Wastin’ away again in No-Erection-Ville: Jimmy Buffett

Balladeer’s Blog has another exclusive story, courtesy of my sources in the industry. And, of course, by the industry I mean the business.

Hot upon the news about Bill Cosby having to stand trial regarding at least one of the sexual assault charges he faces came even more shocking news about elderly, beloved, elderly, iconic and elderly singer Jimmy Buffett.

After facing a grueling 11-hour interrogation which left Buffett and his teams of lawyers wrung out and emotionally exhausted the entertainer at last came clean and admitted that Fins and Cheeseburger in Paradise are actually one and the same song.

Are there no heroes left? 


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  1. Rose

    LOL….that’s funny!

  2. You have got interesting articles here. And funny ones like this one.

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