old hippy

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** It’s always 1967 to a large segment of the American Left.

Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know how useless and outdated I find the old labels “Liberal” and “Conservative” to be. I considered myself a Liberal back before American Liberals adopted their motto “Islam: Right or Wrong.”

Michael Faraday (NOT pictured) is another in the long line of people that the increasingly demented political left has driven away. So here are some more reflections from somebody else who became disgusted with the complacent and self-infatuated left – especially the close-minded classroom liberals of the 1960s generation that Faraday came from:

“For the millions raised as leftists, it is not an ideology; it is a culture. Since childhood, they have lived and breathed it every day in the home. They know nothing else. Like any culture, it is a way of speaking, thinking and acting, with its own narratives and rituals. Narratives are held sacred, repeated, reinforced and, over time, added to. That which challenges sacred narratives, even reality itself, is met with confusion and hostility.”

“Leftists combine child-like naïveté and paranoid aggression in all of their narratives. It is a remarkable and very damaging pairing. The child-like naïveté protects the narrative from facts while the paranoid aggression protects the mind from doubt.”

“It (21st century liberalism) harnesses together childish emotions and paranoid thought processes. Its narratives are a filter that reality has to try to struggle through, often failing. The child-like thinking solves all problems without pesky details and facts interfering, leading to delusions of intellectual brilliance.” (Balladeer: Especially true of American Liberals

“The victim narrative of the Left is very infectious. You are always the victim and you are always owed something. The wealthy are always evil, while you are always good and wholesome. Converts are often more intense than those born into it. My father, raised a leftist, eventually mellowed and began to question some leftist beliefs. My mother, not raised a leftist, but having become one, never mellowed.”


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