Hello musher fans! This is Balladeer’s sister Rosemary. Tonight is the beginning of the fifth day of the Iditarod. Another exciting run and here are the five top mushers with their Wozniak appointed nicknames at 11:00pm ET:

1. Jeff (Yukon) King In to Ruby 3/10 3:02 
2. Brent Sass, (the bad ass) Out of Cripple 3/10 12:16
3. Ally (Absolute Zero) Zirkle Out of Cripple 3/10 15:45
4. (Klondike) Ken Anderson Out of Cripple 3/10 17:44
5. Mitch (Pops) Seavy Out of Cripple 3/10 17:51

My broadcast partner, Ragnar the Terrier, is covering the Race via helicopter and his observation of his first Iditarod coverage was that it is a “heart-warming affirmation of the special bond that exists between dogs and human beings”


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