This should go without saying, but not to the enablers of Muslim violence.

This should go without saying, but not to the enablers of Muslim violence.

It’s no secret that Islam is the sole remaining untamed beast among the world’s religions. (And I say that as a non-believer in ANY of them.) The month-long Ramadan holiday is a long celebration of those Muslim sacraments of killing, killing and more killing. We are into the Ramadan Murder-Palooza for 2015 and I’ll be periodically updating the violence perpetrated in the name of that reactionary pack of savage superstitions called Islam. Decade after decade, century after century Islam is forever retarding the rest of the world’s social progress, ESPECIALLY  REGARDING  WOMEN’S  RIGHTS.

DEAD SO FAR: 1,092   WOUNDED: 1,366

They’re averaging over 200 victims per day this Ramadan! What a peaceful religion! And here are some of the most heinous attacks by Muslim fanatics recently: 

June 26th – In Sousse, Tunisia Muslim fanatics savagely slaughtered 39 beachgoing innocents, furthering comparisons between Islamofascism and the Nazis. (To Godwin’s Law pussies: Don’t bother.)

Also June 26th – In Kobani, Syria over 100 innocent people are murdered in house-to-house rampages. 

Still June 26th – In Ain al-Arab, Syria 18 adults and children are victims of more “drive-by” rampaging. 

And Still June 26th – In Kuwait City, Kuwait, a Muslim suicide-bombing kills over 25 people. 

As always these days many people are so paranoid about information that does not come from a site of their own choosing I’m not bothering with links. Just search online for this info and read for yourself from whatever site you prefer.

FOR A LOOK AT ALLEGEDLY “UNWINNABLE” WARS CLICK HERE: https://glitternight.com/2014/09/14/unwinnable-wars-muslim-savages-brag-about-beheading-another-non-combatant/

FOR MORE LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES CLICK HERE:    https://glitternight.com/category/liberals-and-conservatives/

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18 responses to “RAMADAN BODY COUNT: 12 DAYS IN

  1. They are just getting warmed up.

  2. Some religion of peace.

  3. Art

    So Christians never killed anybody? Ever hear of the Crusades?

  4. Yes! Shout this from the top of buildings!

  5. Save it. The rebelling environment will kill us all before Muslims do.

  6. They even kill each other just for interpreting the Koran differently!

  7. All of us may wind up getting killed by Muslim fanatics. Politicians cater to them and only them.

  8. They just know how to kill.

  9. This body count seems too small. Are you counting the Muslims in the Philippines and Indonesia, too?

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