Islamophobia posterIt’s no secret that Islam is the sole remaining untamed beast among the world’s religions. The month-long Ramadan holiday is a long celebration of those Muslim sacraments of killing, killing and more killing. We’re just a few days into the Ramadan Murder-Palooza for 2015 and I’ll be periodically updating the violence perpetrated in the name of that reactionary pack of savage superstitions. Decade after decade, century after century Islam is forever retarding the rest of the world’s social progress, ESPECIALLY  REGARDING  WOMEN’S  RIGHTS. 

June 19th

The City: Anbar  The Body Count: A Muslim suicide bomber (15 years old) takes at least 30 funeral attendees with them as they self-detonate.      

June 20th

The City: Marjah  The Body Count: Muslim fanatics slay eighteen members of the same family.  

The City: Sanaa  The Body Count: Adult Muslim suicide bomber takes two innocent people with them. 

June 22nd

The City: Kabul   The Body Count: Muslim Taliban assault on the Parliament Building leaves at least 2 dead (so far) and approximately 29 wounded.

As always these days many people are so paranoid about information that does not come from a site of their own choosing I’m not bothering with links. Just search online for this info and read for yourself from whatever site you prefer. 

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10 responses to “RAMADAN BODY COUNT

  1. Hi, congratulations for having the courage to take on Islam.

  2. Some religion. More like a violent racist movement.

  3. Bloody, bloody religion.

    • I’m a non-believer. But I don’t play that silly game too many people play where they pretend Islam is not the most homophobic, misogynistic and otherwise intolerant religion in the world at this particular point in history.

  4. This needs more coverage. I hate the media for their role in ignoring all this violence.

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