Greenwich Polo ClubFrom Greenwich Polo Club in Connecticut came Week Two action in the battle for the Monty Waterbury Cup.

Balladeer’s Blog continues its coverage of the world’s OLDEST team sport.

When White Birch wins my female readers like to see pics of their player Hilario Ulloa.

When White Birch wins my female readers like to see pics of their player Hilario Ulloa.

MATCH ONE – The storied WHITE BIRCH team took on TUPUNGATO (The Volcano) to start things off. The 1st Chukker ended with the score tied at 2 Goals for each team. White Birch shut out Tupungato in the 2nd Chukker while taking a 4-2 lead. The 3rd Chukker started with that becoming a 5-2 lead but Tupungato came charging back to score 3 unanswered Goals. This tied the game at 5-5 but White Birch swatted in another score for a 6-5 edge going into Halftime.

Chukker Number Four saw the teams exchanging Goals as Tupungato tied things up at 6-6 before White Birch went back up 7-6. That in turn became a 7-7 tie but the Chukker ended with a 9-7 lead for White Birch. That margin expanded to 12-7 as they once again shut out Tupungato in the 5th Chukker. After an early Goal in the 6th Chukker White Birch worked the clock with cold-hearted precision for a 13-9 triumph.

Mariano Aguerre led the victors with 5 Goals.        

Airstream vs SCL

Airstream vs SCL

MATCH TWO – This polo match pitted AIRSTREAM against SHREVE, CRUMP & LOWE. A defense-heavy 1st Chukker ended in a 2-0 lead for Shreve, Crump & Lowe. Airstream returned the shutout in the 2nd Chukker and moved ahead 3 Goals to 2. The 3rd Chukker of play saw SCL go back on top 4-3 before Airstream knotted things up at 4-4 by Halftime.    

Shreve, Crump & Lowe pulled out to a 6-4 advantage in the 4th Chukker but their opponents pulled back to within 1 at 6-5. In the 5th Chukker both offenses exploded, with things ending in a 9-7 edge for SCL. Airstream demonstrated their flair for drama in the 6th Chukker, producing a shutout and 3 Goals for a thrilling 10-9 come-from- behind win.  

Another Mariano – this time Gonzalez – led the winning team once again with 5 Goals. It was “All-Marianos all the time”. 

Week Three action will begin this Saturday, June 20th at 1pm EST. 

FOR BALLADEER’S BLOG’S QUICK PRIMER ON POLO CLICK HERE:  https://glitternight.com/2015/03/23/polo-is-joining-balladeers-blogs-sports-coverage/


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