The 111th U.S. Open continues at the International Polo Club in Palm Beach.

Orchard Hill Polo shirtORCHARD HILL VS COCA COLA – This first semifinal saw Orchard Hill – the Clubmen – end the 1st Chukker with a 2 goals to 1 lead over Coca Cola – the Red Colossus. The offenses got in rhythm in the 2nd Chukker of play during which the Clubmen went up 3-1 before the Red Colossus tied the match at 3-3. The Chukker ended with Orchard Hill on top 4-3. In Chukker number 3 the Clubmen grabbed a 5-4 lead headed into Halftime. 

The 4th Chukker went from an early 5-5 tie as Coca Cola knotted things up again to a 7-5 Orchard Hill advantage. In the 5th Chukker the Clubmen shut out the Red Colossus while 3 goals in a row from Polito Pieres and 1 from Facundo Pieres made it an 11-5 match headed into the final Chukker. That 6th Chukker saw Julio Arellano swat in 3 goals for Coca Cola but in between his 2nd and 3rd of the Chukker Orchard Hill scored another goal of its own. The final result was a 12-8 victory for the Clubmen.   

Facundo Pieres led Orchard Hill with 6 goals while Julio Arellano led Coca Cola with 6 of their goals.

valiente shirtVALIENTE VS AUDI – Valiente – the Valiants – were trying to make it to their third U.S. Open Final match in a row hoping to win the title this time. Audi – the Bavarians – were the last team in the way of the Valiants, who are trying to avoid becoming the Buffalo Bills of polo. The 1st Chukker ended with Audi holding a 3-2 lead over Valiente, then both offenses exploded in the 2nd Chukker for 3 goals apiece for a 6-5 edge for the Bavarians. The 3rd Chukker was a defensive epic with the Valiants notching the only goal of the sextant for a 6-6 Halftime tie.   

In the 4th Chukker Valiente took their first lead of the match since the 1st but Audi soon knotted things back up at 7-7. The 5th Chukker of play saw the Bavarians retake the lead 8-7 only to have the Valiants race ahead of them for a 9-8 count. Chukker number 6 went from a 9-9 tie to a 10-9 Valiente lead with just 1:19 to play. In the final seconds Gonzalito Pieres swatted in a goal for Audi, tying the score at 10-10 and forcing a Sudden Death Overtime Chukker. One minute and forty-seven seconds into that extra session Alejo Taranco gave the Valiants an 11-10 triumph and sent them back to the Finals.      

Adolfo Cambiaso led Valiente with 8 goals. Gonzalito Pieres matched him with 8 goals for Audi.  


This Sunday, April 19th at 3:00pm – Orchard Hill vs Valiente 

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