The 111th U.S. Open continues at the International Polo Club in Palm Beach.

Las Monjitas polo shirtLAS MONJITAS VS ORCHARD HILL – As always, for those Balladeer’s Blog readers who prefer regular nicknames for sports teams I’ll recap: Think of Las Monjitas as “the Little Nuns” (the literal meaning of Las Monjitas) and Orchard Hill as “the Clubmen”.  

The 1st Chukker ended in a 3-1 Orchard Hill lead courtesy of scores by Polito Pieres and Facundo Pieres plus a goal awarded because of a Penalty One called against Las Monjitas. The lone goal for the Little Nuns this Chukker came from Facundo Sola on a 30 yard penalty shot.  

In the 2nd Chukker Facundo Sola and Facundo Pieres scored 2 goals apiece for a 5-3 advantage for the Clubmen. Gallego Ferrario scored his first goal of the game to put Orchard Hill up 6-3 by the end of the sextant.  

Chukker number 3 saw the Little Nuns pull closer to the Clubmen as Eduardo Astrada followed up another Sola goal with one of his own to put his team within one of Orchard Hill at 6-5. Polito Pieres slammed in another goal to make it a 7-5 Clubmen lead going into Halftime.

International Polo Club overheadThe ball practically flew between the uprights in the 4th Chukker. Facundo Pieres started things rolling with a goal off a 30 yard penalty shot. (8-5) Facundo Sola responded with a goal from the field for the Little Nuns (8-6) but Pieres then put Orchard Hill up 9-6. This was followed by Sola swatting in a 60 yard penalty shot to make it a 9-7 game. Facundo Pieres added to the Clubmen’s lead with another goal (10-7) and on the very next throw-in (like “dropping the puck” in hockey) Polito Pieres maneuvered the ball down the field to score, making it an 11-7 Orchard Hill advantage to end the Chukker.  

The 5th Chukker started with Sebastian Merlos notching a goal for Las Monjitas (11-8) but Facundo Pieres countered that score with one for the Clubmen. (12-8) Facundo Sola resumed “the battle of the Facundos” by scoring the next 2 goals, bringing the Little Nuns to within 12-10 of Orchard Hill to wrap up this Chukker.

Barely a minute and a half into the 6th and final Chukker Eduardo Astrada knocked in a goal to make it a 12-11 contest. Facundo Sola then took over again, scoring to tie the game at 12-12 and then scoring another goal to give Las Monjitas its first lead of the game at 13-12! His teammate Astrada proceeded to notch another score to make it 14-12. Facundo Pieres then struck the last blow in the battle of the Fecundos, scoring a 13th goal for the Clubmen. Time expired to seal the 14-13 comeback win for Las Monjitas!  

Coca Cola polo shirtCOCA COLA VS VALIENTE – Coca Cola’s nickname at Balladeer’s Blog is the Red Colossus. Valiente is known here as the Valiants. 

In the 1st Chukker Coca Cola’s Sugar Erskine and Pelon Stirling scored the first 2 goals. Guillermo Terrera got Valiente on the board with a goal of his own to end the 1st with a score of Red Colossus 2  Valiants 1.

The 2nd Chukker saw Julio Arellano put Coca Cola up 3-1 only for Sapo Caset to score the next 2 goals for Valiente. The score then stood at 3-3 to end this Chukker.  

Chukker number 3 started with Caset giving the Valiants their first lead of the match at 4-3. The Red Colossus’ Stirling and Arellano combined for the next 2 goals to put their team back on top 5-4. In the closing seconds Terrera notched his second goal of the day to tie the score at 5-5 headed into Halftime. 

polo u s openNext Terrera picked up where he left off, scoring the first goal of the 4th Chukker for a 6-5 advantage for Valiente. Arellano made it a 6-6 tie by smacking in a 40 yard penalty shot and then went on to score the next goal from the field for a 7-6 Red Colossus lead as the 4th came to a close. 

In the 5th Chukker Arellano notched a 30 yard penalty shot for an 8-6 Coca Cola lead but the Valiants responded. Guillermo Terrera and Alejo Taranco scored the next 2 goals to retie the game by a count of 8-8. Caset then made it a 9-8 Valiente edge but Stirling answered for the Red Colossus to end the Chukker in a 9-9 tie.  

The 6th Chukker was a tale of score and counter-score. Taranco put the Valiants in the lead 10-9 only for Gillian Johnston to knot things up again at 10-10. Terrera eventually made it an 11-10 advantage for Valiente and it looked like that might hold up until, with ONE SECOND left in Regulation Coca Cola’s Arellano made it 11-11, forcing a Sudden Death Overtime Chukker. 

Barely a minute and 15 seconds into that extra session a 40 yard penalty shot from Arellano scored the Golden Goal for a 12-11 Coca Cola win in Overtime! Action resumes on Wednesday with three games on the schedule.

FOR BALLADEER’S BLOG’S QUICK PRIMER ON POLO CLICK HERE:  https://glitternight.com/2015/03/23/polo-is-joining-balladeers-blogs-sports-coverage/



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  2. Never thought anyone could make polo seem interesting. Awesome!

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