Je Suis CharlieWhat kind of savages kill people for drawing pictures? Oh, yeah … Muslim savages. Today everyone with a backbone (which of course leaves out the gutless apologists for Islam) is expressing solidarity with the dozen human beings slain at Charlie Hebdo magazine in France. That magazine is one of the few publications that has the courage to openly criticize Islam, the most homophobic, misogynistic and otherwise intolerant religion in the world at this particular point in history. In 2011 Islamofascists firebombed the publication’s offices and yesterday the superstitious animals mounted a terrorist attack at the magazine’s offices, killing twelve and wounding over twenty others.

Killed by superstitious savages.

Killed by superstitious savages.

JE SUIS CHARLIE (“I am Charlie”) is that show of solidarity demonstrating that the rabid madmen of Islam will not shut down freedom of expression no matter how many cowardly politicians or spineless celebrities like Ben Affleck kowtow to them.

Day after day, decade after decade, century after century Islam is always the rabid animal retarding the rest of the world’s social progress. All religions are nonsense but Islam is the sole remaining untamed beast among them. Everywhere around the globe where Islam comes into contact with other cultures violence erupts because of Islam’s incompatibility with diverse cultures. Muslims forever expect the rest of the world to live centuries in the past like they do and to accomodate their savage superstitions.

There are people dear to me who are female. I’ve seen how Islam treats them. There are people dear to me who are gay. I’ve seen how Islam treats them. There are people dear to me who are Christian, Jewish and other religions and I have seen how the fascist animals of Islam treat them, too. Islam needs to be opposed, not appeased. Opposed loudly and daily. 

He Drew FirstTHERE IS NO GOD NAMED ALLAH AND MUHAMMAD THE BLOOD-SOAKED CHILD RAPIST WAS A FALSE PROPHET. I don’t show reverence for any of the other religions in the world and I’m not about to make an exception for the most barbaric one of them all. It is LONG past time for Muslims to engage in some collective introspection and to stop blaming violence on the dead victims of their co-religionists. Their irrational religion is no better than any other and these repulsive animals cannot kill just because their delicate, outdated sensibilities are offended in some way.

Charlie Hebdo CoverOur elected officials have shown repeatedly that they have no intention of doing their jobs by keeping innocent people safe from Muslim savagery. Instead they try to prevent the rest of us from having the freedom to criticize Islam on charges of “hate speech” and “racism”. Islam is not a race. It’s barely even a religion at this point. It’s becoming nothing but a disease of the mind and a political sham that attracts barbarians incapable of creativity – frustrated, hate-filled savages who resent a world they cannot comprehend and therefore lash out by killing and killing and killing some more.

Every single day Muslim fanatics commit atrocities and cowards turn a blind eye or worse – try to pretend that all other religions are still just as violent no matter how much evidence piles up that that is simply not true. The spineless and pretentious asses of the academic world have made Islam their darling despite its opposition to any and all human freedom. Those “academics” seem quite willing to serve as virtual Kapos for Islam to keep themselves safe while the rest of us are dealt with first.

As for our worthless elected officials we mean nothing to them. They seem perfectly content to let thousands of us get killed by Muslim fanatics every year. To them we and those dear to us are just “acceptable losses” in their pursuit of “the Muslim vote.” Just look to Lebanon if you need to be reminded of what happens when free people pander to the fascists of Islam in hopes of forming a “coalition” with them.


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  1. Rose

    Way to go Bro! I am just so furious that most western publications are cowards and won’t print the original cartoon. PEOPLE DIED FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH. HOW DARE THEY NOT PUBLISH IT!

  2. Very well spoken. I agree whole heatedly. I am not all that big on religion either, although I do love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Sadly, He’s become the enemy of the world. But, then He said it would come to this.
    Thanks for telling it like it is.

  3. Everybody should be making it clear to Islam that the rest of us don’t have to live according to their outdated rules.

  4. Tell it! I’m so sick of people acting like only Conservatives oppose Muslim tyranny and violence.

  5. Lori

    Nice to see a brave man.

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