Rich Koz

Rich Koz

It’s Halloween month at Balladeer’s Blog! Rich Koz, the Babe Ruth of Movie Hosts, portrayed his comedic vampire character as Son of Svengoolie from 1979 to 1986, then again on his new show The Koz Zone in 1989 and 1990 before returning in 1995 as just plain Svengoolie. Along with The Texas 27 Film Vault, Koz’s original run was the closest in spirit to the later program MST3K than any of the other early Movie Host shows when it came to the “so bad it’s good” aesthetic.

Here are some of Sven’s fun song parodies adjusted to fit various psychotronic films presented on his show.  

HIT THE ROAD, DRAC (To the tune of Hit the Road, Jack)

BOOGIE WOOGIE BOOGEYMAN OF BERWYN (To the tune of Boogie Woogie Bugle Man)

BLOB OF RED (To the tune of Barbara Ann)

GODZILLA’S BACK (To the tune of My Baby’s Back)

BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (To the tune of Goin’ to the Chapel)

HOT VOLTS (To the tune of Hot Stuff)

FRANKENSTEIN (To the tune of Baby Face)

These last few are from the 1990’s – Sven’s Older Elvis phase … if you get my drift. (No meanness intended, I just get tired of people asking “Who’s that fat guy dressing up like Sven in recent years?”)

WEREWOLVES OF BERWYN (To the tune of Werewolves of London)

THIS MOVIE ISN’T JAPANESE (To the tune of Turning Japanese)

BAD CASE OF KILLER SHREWS (To the tune of Bad Case of Lovin’ You)



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  1. All this guy did was imitate Mike Nelson.

  2. Go Sven! Love the Godzilla songs!

  3. Mike Nelson was better than this asshole.

  4. Werewolves of Berwyn rocks!

  5. Blob Of Red was my favorite of these!

  6. Rich Koz was the best! I always looked up to him.

  7. Chang

    Fun parody songs!

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