The symbols of the two corrupt "royal houses" who unconstitutionally rule America.

The symbols of the two corrupt “royal houses” who unconstitutionally rule America.

At the heart of the recent protests in Hong Kong is the fact that the Chinese government was going back on their promise to allow the citizens of Hong Kong to vote for THEIR OWN candidates to govern them. The Chinese government tried to interpose a “panel” that would select which candidates the people of Hong Kong were allowed to choose from.

Ironically, we supposedly free people here in the U.S. have yet to show as much spirit in rebelling against the Democratic and Republican Parties, those rival gangs of white-collar criminals who have become the not-so- figurative “panel” that dictates which candidates the rest of us get to vote on.

As always I will point out what should not need pointing out: the fact that the Democratic and Republican Parties are not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution. Yet these two corrupt organizations have hijacked the nation’s electoral apparatus.

To quote Thomas Paine “A fixed habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right.” We need to stop being influenced by the fact that “that’s just how it’s been done for a long time” and start paying very close scrutiny to the motives of candidates whose allegience is to their political party and NOT to the people who elected them.  

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