Welcome back to Balladeer’s Blog, the only site on the web that truly criticizes BOTH Liberals AND Conservatives equally. The weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama isn’t just a failure here at home! He’s now gotten a well-deserved reputation on the international stage as the only U.S. President to make Jimmy Carter seem tough and George W Bush seem sophisticated.

"I thought for sure that my abject groveling to Putin would make us friends!"

“I thought for sure that my abject groveling to Putin would make us friends!”

I’m sure there’s no need to rehash the details of Putin’s latest adventure featuring him bending Little Barry Obama over and driving it home. Little Barry deserves this for his candid “accidentally caught on a hot mike” private reassurance to Putin long ago that “After I get reelected I’ll have a lot more flexibility.” Remember that? It demonstrated why a  person like Obama, a child of privilege who never had to function in the real world, and who doesn’t know anything except what he was told to memorize in classrooms, is unfit for any job that involves real-world responsibilities.

That incident perfectly captured the condescending pomposity of American Liberals, especially the 1960’s generation of Liberals that Little Barry mindlessly adores (and vice versa). The insinuation to Putin back then was “Look, Vladimir, we two cosmopolitan sophisticates should be able to settle all our differences like adults once I no longer have to worry about appeasing those redneck morons from my own country by maintaining a facade of toughness.” You could call it the “See? Our country has MUCH more enlightened rulers now!” approach to foreign policy. 

This is so very typical of the thinking of the American Left, who have convinced themselves that the only obstacle to worldwide peace has been the United States and that if only we would “talk” with hostile leaders the whole world would be united in harmony. So Obama has alienated countries close to the United States (As much as I despised Margaret Thatcher the fact that Obama snubbed the funeral of a U.K. leader was just another indication of his petty, short-sighted 1967 worldview) and groveled for nations hostile to us. We see how well that approach worked with Putin, who has been cutting Barry’s shriveled little excuse for testicles off and force-feeding them to him before a worldwide audience for some time now.

Not everyone who is hostile to the United States is automatically in the right, just as not everyone who has friendly relations with the U.S. is automatically right, either. American Liberals seem incapable of grasping this. Any nation as large as the United States will ALWAYS – no matter which party is in office – face the situation of some countries approving of our policies and some countries disapproving of them. To the hypocritical cowards of American Liberalism ONLY the people who disagree with our policies have valid points and should be listened to.

And disapproval of the U.S. is the ONLY factor that matters to the bizarre American Left. If Peru emerged tomorrow as a major foe of the U.S. American Liberals would scour the past for incidents which they would claim “proved” we were in the wrong in our dealings with the Peruvians and that they were justified in any hostile act they wanted to commit against us.

If Little Barry would show a FRACTION of the hostility to leaders like Putin that he shows to his own country’s opposition party then Obama’s endless “red lines” and “demands” might carry some weight in the international community. George W Bush’s inane and counterproductive John Wayne approach was a major mistake, but so is Barack Obama’s gutless pandering to every nation that expresses hostility toward the Western Democracies. Surely there are better foreign policy strategies but in the silly extremes of the two-party system no candidate who pushes truly adult approaches to foreign policy will ever get elected.  

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