VICTIMSWelcome back to more of my findings from my fictional role as an archaeologist recovering relics from the future.

Last time I translated the foreward to a history book from roughly 2109 -2120. The book dealt with the Second American Civil War of 2037 – 2039, at which point China became heavily involved and the conflict morphed into the Third World War.

This time around I was able to finish a fragment of an early chapter of that same book. This chapter was examining the atrocities perpetrated by some of the units from both the left- wing and the right-wing sides of the war. The Liberal fanatics and the Conservative fanatics were both claiming to be the legitimate government of the former United States, if you’ll recall. Here are the latest lines I was able to translate from the dominant Earthly language of the 22nd Century. 

” In the final third of the 20th Century the speakers and money people of the Democratic Party ( which spawned the Liberal fanatics just as the Republican Party spawned the Conservative fanatics ) began developing a very proprietary, some would say condescending, attitude towardAfrican Americans. The 1960’s generation of American Liberals in particular had often treated the lives and history of African Americans as a kind of hobby.

These patronizing dilettantes originally demonstrated a protective, or at least supportive, attitude toward African Americans, who in turn rewarded the Democratic Party’s candidates with almost unanimous support. However, as the decades wore on and African Americans had greater opportunities open up to them many of them began making up their own minds about what political attitudes they would embrace and what political candidates they would support. This did not sit well with the Democratic Party’s power brokers and the nascent Liberal fanatics in their ranks.

A large portion of the American Left’s power structure rested on the myth that all African Americans were still Liberal Democrats. The mere existence of increasing numbers of African Americans choosing their own political affiliation was a massive threat to the left’s decades-old propoganda advantages: their false claim that they and they alone represented the wishes of all minority groups and their incessant accusations of racism aimed at all dissenting voices.

The whitebread Democratic Party leadership and the African American demagogues they used as alleged spokespeople for “all African Americans” began a campaign of harassment against any African Americans who declared their political independence from the oppression and condescension of the Democratic Party.

As time wore on and the 21st Century rolled along this harassment increased and intensified in direct proportion to the number of freethinking African Americans who resented the whitebread Liberals of the Democratic Party establishment and broke away from the fold. In the ugly tradition of strikebreakers of the past the Liberal fanatics began employing roving mobs of African Americans to use violence and intimidation to still the growing dissent. These mobs, which were really just functionaries of the Democratic Party despite their public claim that they represented “the African American people”, burned down the homes and vandalized the properties of any and all African Americans who expressed defiance toward Democratic Party oppression. 

With the outbreak of the Second Civil War the leaders of those mobs were absorbed into the armed forces of the Liberal side and organized into squadrons of “Sharptonistas”. The origin of the name Sharptonistas is still disputed, but most sources now agree that they were named after a noted hatemonger of the late 20th Century and early 21st Century.

Though part of the Liberal government’s official armed forces the Sharptonistas saw no formal combat. They were employed mostly as an occupying force in those areas of the country which were held by the Liberal forces and which contained a high “minority” population. The Sharptonistas thus served the same purpose in wartime that Democratic Party organizations like the NAACP had served in peacetime: they simply enforced the will of their Liberal commanders while posing as protectors and spokespeople for “the African American community.” 

The brave souls who stood up to the Sharptonistas were branded race traitors by the Liberal government’s propoganda affiliates. Claiming to represent the REAL voices of the African American community the Sharptonistas brutally raped and murdered countless thousands of African Americans who rebelled in any way against the Liberal government. Liberal propoganda outlets often blamed the massacres on white Conservative guerillas. As in the Spanish Civil War a century earlier both the left-wing and right-wing fanatics excelled at blaming the other side for the atrocities they themselves committed. ( *** See this book’s appendix for some very early examples of this Liberal and Conservative practice in the Gabrielle Giffords shooting and Arthur Bremer’s attempted assassination of George Wallace.)

Though in many cases this tableau of accusations and counter- accusations has muddied the waters to the point where it is nearly impossible to assess blame the Sharptonistas were so flamboyant and so flagrantly unashamed of their massacres they have been conclusively tied to the nearly genocidal black on black violence in cities throughout the Eastern Seaboard. One of their favorite means of mass-execution was to herd African Americans who resisted the Liberal government’s edicts into condemned buildings (dubbed “Uncle Tom Roach Motels” by the Sharptonistas ). Those buildings were then demolished via controlled implosions, burying the unfortunate victims inside under tons of rubble and debris.

Some of the trapped victims would linger for days before dying, accompanied by the taunts of the celebrating Sharptonistas. Long after the war skeletons of these “Uncle Tom Roach Motel” victims were unearthed by the hundreds from dozens of sites in major cities from Atlanta to Philadelphia.”


I’ll have more translations in the near future, some of them dealing with atrocities perpetrated by the right-wing forces. For more about this Second Civil War click here:

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8 responses to “ATROCITIES OF THE 2nd U.S. CIVIL WAR

  1. Very scary and plausible.

  2. Incredibly realistic! And haunting tto!

  3. This was so real-life like it was chilling.

  4. Maureen B

    Chilling but so possible.

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