"The peasants are so tiresome when they express opposition to my commands."

“The peasants are so tiresome when they express opposition to my commands.”

Barack Obama has been called “a weak, inept and crooked little man” … “a piece of political sewage who bubbled and gurgled up from the cesspool of Chicago politics” and even “the piece of dogshit stubbornly clinging to the bottom of history’s shoes”. The latest proof that all of those descriptions are far too mild for this 21st Century Richard Nixon came from the recent leaking of Little Barry’s conscienceless plans at the TPP to cater to Big Pharma while continuing his public pose as a crusader for more affordable healthcare for people.

I know the usual propogandistic refrain from the mindless and unquestioning fascistic followers of Obama is that only right-wingers dislike the corrupt and incompetent Little Barry. Wrong. Just using me as an example I’m pro-choice on abortion, anti-censorship, pro-Social Security and supported gay marriage YEARS before the weakling Barry felt it was politically safe enough for his former opposition to gay marriage to “evolve” into support. I’m not an isolated example, either. Countless other people who are far from conservative also despise Obama and his disastrous administration.

You can do your own search online for the details that other nations are opposing Obama over. Barack Obama wants to give those CORPORATIONS he pretends to oppose “radical new powers” as Huffington Post puts it. Little Barry also proposes increasing the cost of prescription medication and for OVERSEAS (of course) corporations to be able to challenge laws or regulations in a privately run international court.

Public health experts have warned that Obama’s plans would “higher (medication) prices around the world” and “lack of access to life-saving drugs in poor countries.” To cite a lengthy quote from the Huffington Post’s own article (the “shows zero flexibility” remark lets overseas readers see the kind of Obama behavior we’ve endured domestically for years) :

The U.S. is also facing major resistance on bank regulation standards. The Obama administration is seeking to curtail the use of “capital controls” by foreign governments. These can include an extremely broad variety of financial tools, from restricting lending in overheated markets to denying mass international outflows of currency during a financial panic. The loss of these tools would dramatically limit the ability of governments to prevent and stem banking crises.

“The positions are still paralyzed,” the December memo reads, referring to the Financial Services Chapter. “The United States shows zero flexibility.”

Previously leaked TPP documents have sparked alarm among global health experts, Internet freedom activists, environmentalists and organized labor, but are adamantly supported by American corporations and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The Obama administration has deemed negotiations to be classified information — banning members of Congress from discussing the American negotiating position with the press or the public. Congressional staffers have been restricted from viewing the documents.”

The most repulsive aspect of Barack Obama is his hypocrisy – always posing as a noble champion of “the people” against rampant capitalism while he is as much in the pocket of Wall Street as the worst Republican presidents have been. Ignore the Obama Public Relations Machine (the only element of his administration the repulsive little toad manages in a competent manner) and focus on the reality of the damage the Chicago thug has inflicted on so many lives. 


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  1. I can’t believe what a royal screwup and crook Obama has been.

  2. Obama is a failure and a crook and worse.

  3. So how long ya been a republican?

  4. Obama is so phony about so many things.

  5. Barack Obama deserves to be impeached!

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