On a daily basis the Obama Administration scandals get uglier and uglier. His ineptitude in foreign affairs is proving that classroom solutions don’t work in the real world and his inability to do anything but make speeches and racebait is all mixing together to mark him as an embarrassment and a failure as president.

His callous way of letting four people die at Benghazi to avoid inconvenience during his reelection bid makes you wonder how dead inside this weak and crooked little man is. But little Barry has his priorities and he pursues them as callously as any other bloated rich pig does:

"Detroit is rotting, Egypt runs red with blood, the economy is in a shambles but my golf game is FABULOOOUS!"

“Detroit is rotting, Egypt runs red with blood, the economy is in a shambles but my golf game is FABULOOOUS!”



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10 responses to “OBAMA CAPTIONING FUN

  1. Darcy

    Obama is pure garbage! What a sickening man!

  2. Even over where I work we are getting so sick of Obama’s pretentious airs.

    • Grow up, asshole! It’s not just conservatives who despise that piece of shit Obama. I’m no conservative. I’m pro-choice on abortion, can’t stand religion and I was outspokenly supporting gay marriage years before the weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama gutlessly decided it was politically safe enough to let his own position on that issue “evolve”.

  3. Great shots at Obama! He is a disaster!

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