jeannetta joy 4Jeannetta Joy has the sweet and musical voice of an angel. The greatest testament I can offer to the overpowering allure of her voice is the fact that it actually manages to momentarily distract you from the transcendental beauty of her face and voluptuous form.

Adding to Jeannetta’s considerable charm is her sharp wit and engaging personality along with the regal but courteous way she deals with the effect her presence has on the metabolisms of so many men and women. A very savvy business woman, Jeannetta runs her own line of merchandise and lives an independent life in which she answers to nobody.

This entrepreneurial sex symbol recently granted Balladeer’s Blog an interview. For details about her new projects and how to go about laying your hands on some Jeannetta Joy merchandise read on:

BALLADEER’S BLOG: To start off how long have you been entertaining?

JEANNETTA JOY: Since 2005 or so.

Jeannetta Joy 2BB: Do you recall how many stages you took to reach your present shape?

JJ: From my natural endowment I went to an E cup, then to an H cup, then to an NN cup.

BB: Do you ever get tired of the way so many men throw themselves at you?

JJ: Mostly not. Mostly I love it, but when men get the stupid idea that I’ll be a whore just because of my appearance I lose patience right away. I sometimes tell them it’s in their DREAMS that I would be an easy pushover, not real life.

jeannetta joy 1bBB: You handle yourself with such class and dignity I have a hard time picturing you losing your temper.

JJ: (laughs) Thanks but I can get very angry at men who misrepresent themselves or who try to impress me with big promises and can’t deliver. Insincere people will anger me every time!

BB: What’s the oddest thing that’s happened to you in your career?

JJ: When a man from Dubai contacted me to offer me $350,000 to have sex with him. (laughs) Of course I said NO! I can’t be bought or bribed and I’m very suspicious of the way Muslim countries treat women.

Jeannetta models a black bra

Jeannetta models a black bra

BB: You certainly don’t strike me as the type of person who is motivated by sheer profit.

JJ: That’s very sweet and perceptive of you! I’m not motivated by that. I didn’t become Jeannetta Joy for money, it’s about independence and about getting to enjoy and love my life!

BB: Were there early struggles when you were first trying to make a name for yourself?

JJ: Mostly because I refuse to do hardcore videos. Rather than grab at easy money like that I would handle the lean times by taking temp jobs, but it got harder and harder as many Human Resource people tried to look down their nose at my body type. Or else they would try to tell me I was “too sexy” for their organization.

BB: Are you too sexy for your shirt, too?

JJ: (giggles) Maybe! “Too sexy by far!”

Jeannetta in blue and white

Jeannetta in blue and white

BB: Did the refusal to do hardcore videos alienate some of the industry?

JJ: Oh yes! Even many of the big bust magazines now expect you to sign a contract to do hardcore for them before they’ll do a photo shoot with you. Luckily the internet helps get your name out there even without photo shoots in magazines that act like that. I can stay independent and do internet marketing and stay in business for just me. I don’t even do sex with my Skype chats. Years and years ago the huge-busted models were all the rage in the industry and you got treated like royalty but now too many places expect you to do hardcore, which I won’t.  

Jeanetta always looks great

Jeanetta always looks great

BB: What’s next for you in your career?

JJ: I’m getting more and more into something that’s dear to my heart – dominating men. I think the Dominant Female world is the future for women with breasts my size. Having a Domme’s persona means you bring in men who know from the start that you won’t be about sex. And female domination doesn’t discriminate age-wise either. They don’t just look for women who are age 18-25. The older you get it can be a plus in FemDom. 

BB: What are the limits to what you’ll do in that arena?

JJ: No bloodplay or anything gross. Just nice, healthy domination of men.

Jeannetta wowing in white

Jeannetta wowing in white

BB: Have you selected a new name for that pursuit?

JJ: Yes. Goddess Seraphina, the Dark Angel of Fire.

BB: How did you arrive at that name?

JJ: I was toying around with types of angels. The Seraphim are about fire so that’s how I got the Dark Angel of Fire part and the name Seraphim led me to Seraphina.

BB: How would you describe your approach?

JJ: I enjoy developing chemistry with the men who submit to me. Even in Skype sessions I like to be able to watch my submissives carry out my orders because it provides more chemistry than just emails do.

Nurse Jeannetta

Nurse Jeannetta

BB: Are you more surprised by men’s behavior around you or women’s?

JJ: Women definitely! Men act how you would expect but women are unpredictable. Some will point me out to the men they’re with even before the men see me. I guess they try to make me a joke by jumping in first with a disapproving remark. They get surprised sometimes by the way their men do double-takes at me though. Even women who want their picture taken with me sometimes try to pretend men don’t like big breasts. They try to tell me their boyfriend says “more than a mouthful’s a waste” but I don’t think they’d feel that way about a man’s cock (laughs)!

Jeannetta being joyful

Jeannetta being joyful

BB: What is the main thing a man should never do if he wants to stay on your good side?

JJ: Lots of things but the main one is not to ask me my age. It makes me wonder if they are ageists.

BB: Any closing thoughts?

JJ: Just to mention that  in my travels I’ve learned people in Europe really do have a much healthier attitude toward sex than they do here. They appreciate how natural sexuality is and I often feel more comfortable there than in America. I sometimes toy with the idea of moving to Eastern Europe.


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  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in love with this incredible woman!

  2. That is an incredible looking lady!

  3. I would take any punishment this fox wants to dish out!

  4. The perfect woman = Jeanata joy!

  5. Garry

    Impressive lady!

  6. My dream would not be just 1 place. Just having the money and ability to travel and see it all.

  7. Elvis B

    She is amazing!

  8. Charles

    Heather Antos recommended Balladeer’s Blog at and I’m glad she did!

  9. boobieman

    Pictures don’t do her justice – she’s so much more incredible in person!

    Teddi’s even hotter but we’ve yet to make contact, sadly

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