METAL 1When it comes to the supermodel known as Metal phrases like “sheer feminine perfection” and “most beautiful  woman alive” tend to get thrown around. This enigmatic and lovely lady is pretty much the Greta Garbo of modern-day goddesses and is also a shrewd businesswoman, wisely rationing her public appearances to prevent overexposure.

Metal is the Jesse James Bourbon Girl, sometimes appears on the Reality Check program and as Mistress Metal occassionally forays into modeling for the world of erotic Power Exchange. Recently this talented, witty and sexy paragon of female beauty granted an interview to Balladeer’s Blog.   

Balladeer’s Blog: How long ago did you realize you wanted to be the world’s premier heavy metal/horror/ biker/femdom goddess?

Metal: I don’t consider myself a goddess of ANY kind but THANK YOU for the sweet compliment and for thinking of me along those lines … very flattering! All of those genres you’re referring to are genres I’m just heavily involved with. They’re just ME is all. I am a rocker chick/Heavy Metal girl. Eighties Metal/Rock is my favorite genre of music and horror is my favorite genre of movie. I’m not  really involved in the biker world besides the fact I just go to Sturgis (for the biker rally) every year.  

BB: In your modeling career are there any products that you flatly will not model for?

M: I will NOT model for anything straight-up graphic or pornographic. Topless or nude done tastefully, glamorous, artistic and PAID I will do. But I will not do porn of any kind. I’m not against porn nor anyone who does it but it’s just not my thing and not how I want to be seen/ portrayed.

METAL 2BB: I understand you also rent out your amazing chest space for T-shirts advertising various products, too. Is that still available?

M: Renting out the chest as a billboard? (Laughs) YES! Feel free to send tank tops etc for pics. And feel free to hire my chest as a billboard like for airbrushing a logo on, etc. Hire me for an event to walk around with the logo airbrushed on, take pictures or such.

BB: If artists seek you out for comic book work what sort of characters do you prefer to portray?

M: As far as comic books go I’m already featured once in awhile in Lost Anarchy, a friend’s comic book in which I appear as myself. But mainly I would want to be portrayed in a flattering light. And something cool-looking along the lines of that Heavy Metal kind of look.

BB: Do you plan to appear in any r-rated erotic videos?

M: Video is another no-go for me. I DON’T do video.

BB: What exactly is your relationship with the cable show Reality Check TV?

M: I’m not an employee of the show. They are all personal friends of mine. They have had that tv show going on cable for years and years – long before I knew them. We see each other when they come to Las Vegas for the AVN shows or to Los Angeles for NAMM. When we hang out they film the events and places we go together and I’m part of those episodes, but not a full-time component of their show.

METAL 3BB: Balladeer’s Blog often covers Horror Hostesses of the past and present. Do you have a favorite Horror Hostess?

M: Elvira is probably the hostess I’d go with.   

BB: Have you ever considered working as a Horror Hostess yourself?

M: I would LOVE to be a Horror Hostess or play some bit parts in a horror movie. Please go to my website –  – on there you will see the MANY areas I’m available for work.

BB: If you were a James Bond villainess what sexy name would you go by?

M: Well I honestly don’t consider myself sexy so that’s a hard one for me to come up with. Hard to give myself a sexy name when that’s not how I see myself. Maybe you can come up with something? All I know is I wouldn’t want something campy or stupid or gimmicky or with vulgar body parts in it. That’s not my thing for sure. No words such as mountains, melons, mounds … you see where I’m going with that. It would need to be something not gimmicky, not vulgar and something that went more with a Heavy Metal type edge to it.  

BB: Well, if I’m coming up with a name for you it would be something like Doctor Aphrodite Steele. Any chance of a Metal reality show coming our way?

M: I would love to have a reality show. I always wanted my own version of Daisy of Love! What a dream to have my own group of long-haired rocker boys and I get to have my pick! I already know it would be a hit and get some damn good ratings. Or my own version – with friends – of The Bad Girls Club. But not the bitchy version like them, more like the rowdy, rocker girl version. All the fun escapades of Vegas and going to rock shows. Another show where I’d kill it in the ratings!

Metal 4BB: If you could have a man tied up and left waiting for you in a room what are some of the nasty and not so nasty things you would like to do to him?

M: HMMMMMMMM! I am VERY picky on men. And ONLY desire long-haired men as far as sexually. Not that I can’t be friends or fun with ANY guy, but with me it has to be my specific type of guy or it’s a no-go. Now tie up David Lee Roth in a corner and the list is endless on what I’d love to do!

BB: What was the motivating factor behind the breast work you had done?

M: I didn’t get the boobs done to be rebellious, to make money, to get a man or to think I’m sexy. None of that. I am just a person who kinda does their own thing as I respect others who are just themselves and are not conformists or cookie-cutter type people. I just had a certain look in mind – Lolo Ferrari – and had the guts to just go for it is mainly all it is.

metal92BB: What was your least favorite aspect of the breast work you had done?

M: Getting the IV! I hate needles, especially one that’s gonna stay stuck in my arm. Also taking my nose ring out and that groggy feeling of trying to wake up from anesthesia. And the absolute worst part of any surgery is the cost. The hit on the bank account is by far the absolute worst part!

BB: Does it ever get old having people tell you how beautiful you are?

M: It does NOT get old because that rarely happens. What gets old is being bashed and hated for my boobs and hated solely because of that. It also gets old being asked if my boobs are fake or real. First off, does it really matter? Secondly you can see from the moon they are fake! They are size K for god sakes. If they were natural K’s I’d need a wheelbarrow to carry them around. It also drives me crazy when people ask me how I sleep or if my back hurts. Again, WHY would it matter to anyone else? I highly doubt anyone out there is losing sleep at night wondering how I can sleep or if my back hurts.

What people don’t think about or realize is NO my back doesn’t hurt. Why? Because, if people knew their boob facts they would know that fake boobs aren’t heavy. They don’t hang or sag so that’s why I don’t have back problems. Natural ones at a size D will cause shoulder and back problems. Why? Because they are heavy sacks of skin just hanging, sagging and drooping on the body. THAT is what causes back problems, not what I have!



BB: If a man is trying to get in good with you what is the last thing he should do?

M: Don’t ask me if they are real, don’t talk to my boobs and act like I’m not even there and don’t ask if he can touch them! If he says or does something rude, stupid or inconsiderate right off the bat I won’t even respond or give him the time of day after that. People, THINK for one second before you open your mouth. If you wouldn’t say it or ask it to another girl or if it would be offensive if you heard it said/asked to your mother/wife/ girlfriend/sister then DON’T say it to me!

BB: Is there any down side to being desired by so many men and women?

M: Desired? Hardly … it’s more like hated! Not many men out there like my look. They all love boobs but once boobs are fake they only like up to a D or DD then they hate them, so there are very few men who like my look. The ones that do, they surely do like it but it’s a very small number. Women? We all know many women are catty, petty and judgemental. Even small fake boobs will bring out the hatred in other girls. The bigger the boobs get, the more you’re hated. Then put them at the size I have! I am hated by more than desired or loved, that’s for sure! Most women hate me, just on sight. They don’t look beyond the boobs and see me as any kind of person … just hated instantly! So I’m far from desired in any way, especially by women.  

BB: Are there days when you wish you could just leave your breasts at home so you could walk around with fewer people making a fuss?

M: YES! There are many days when I wish I could go somewhere without people taking sneaky pics of me. Or walk through a parking lot without having some stupid stranger stop their car to ask me if they are real or what size they are. Have some damn courtesy will you, people? What girl wants to be bothered by a stranger? NONE! What girl wants a random stranger walking up and talking about her boobs? NONE! But people seem to forget I’m still a person and give me no privacy or respect or courtesy when I’m out. I’m TIRED OF IT! 

BB: What advice would you give to people who have a negative attitude toward human sexuality?

M: I guess to some degree I myself am kind of prudish and very private. I know I look a certain way but as they say “don’t judge a book by its cover” – and that’s me. I keep bedroom activities OFF screen, OFF video and 1 on 1. Not into threesomes or any of that. I am pretty shy, quiet and reserved. What anyone else wants to do I have no problems with. Like I said I want people to be themselves and what makes someone else happy – go for it! To each their own.

BB: If you could say one thing to your 18 year old self what would it be?

M: Work out and stay thin. Get a college education right out of high school. Grab a good job and keep it -and save, save, save! Get boobs done at a DD and go no further.  

Mascot FOUR original pics

Balladeer’s Blog

BB: What is your favorite period in world history?

M: The ’70s! I always wished I was 21 in the late 70s so I could have experienced some fun times at Studio 54. And I DID live through the 80s and am so glad I was able to be of age during those times! BEST times of my life for sure and the best times EVER! The music, the scene, the shows, the clothing, best times for sure! And all that long hair! Yes, I’m a fanatic for long-haired men!

BB: I’m sure thousands of men will now be letting their hair grow down to the middle of their back to increase their chances of catching the eye of this incredible woman! Special thanks to the one and only Metal for this very memorable interview.

© Edward Wozniak and Balladeer’s Blog 2013. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Edward Wozniak and Balladeer’s Blog with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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  1. Woman

    A very interesting read! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Jen

    She’s a great girl – my boyfriend and I love hanging out with her here in Vegas, and she is really down to earth. And I love that saw blade picture!

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    What a woman! I would do whatever she says!

  6. This is the woman I want to marry!

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  8. I want to marry this woman right now!

  9. Christina

    I went to High School with her and knew her before she was Metal. I think she is just as beautiful a person now as she was then. People need to get to know her cause she really is one hell of a great person inside and out.

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  11. I want to go on a cruise with this woman!

  12. That is a beautiful woman!

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    Do all of Balladeer’s Blog’s readers look like this?

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    I love heavy metal women!

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    Incredible lady!

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    What a woman!

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    I want to lick her boots!

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