In my fictional role as an archaeologist who retrieves documents from the future (after all, anybody can find documents and relics from the PAST) I’ve discovered quite a few items pertaining to our near future. This is one of those fragmented cyber-documents that I’ve been able to translate into English from the dominant Earthly language of the future. There are a great many lacunae in the documents owing to the strain of temporal travel back here to the year 2012 so the translations will be slow- going.

This first item is from a book that appears to be from roughly 2109 – 2120. I’m changing the author’s name to prevent potentially interfering with the lives of their ancestors who are alive right now. First of all is the foreward to that book.  


This revised edition of Lucian Monahan’s exhaustive historical account of the 2nd American Civil War in the 2030’s includes additional material that was not available for the original edition. The additional material includes Monahan’s interviews with the left-wing and right-wing generals and political leaders mere days before the conflict went global, morphing into the 3rd World War. 

With various creditor nations of the former United States despairing of a quick end to the civil conflict and fearful that they might never recoup any of the trillions of dollars the disintegrating nation owed , the rush was on to intervene on behalf of either the Left or the Right, thereby forcing a quick end to the war and holding the victors responsible for as much of the U.S. debt as possible. Or so the theory went. 

In reality, since the money owed by the original, combined United States was viewed by most world leaders as the only thing preventing total collapse of the global economy, short-sighted national interest took center stage. It soon became clear that whatever force was capable of taking and holding the debtor nation would be in a position to ensure that it received all of its own outstanding payments, if necessary by managing or liquidating the natural resources of a forcibly reunited America.

If the truth be told, the major reason the United Nations observors had forced a no-nuke zero tolerance policy on the belligerents in the first place was to ensure that whichever side emerged triumphant would have a sufficient infra-structure remaining to begin repaying the eager creditors. With both the Left and the Right stretched to their limits just to maintain the pretense that they were two sovereign nations neither party wanted to risk alienating global opinion with a nuclear strike. In 2039 China intervened. (here the fragment ends)   

As more cyber-documents “surface” from the year 2109 and I’m able to translate them into English I’ll be glad to pass them along.

FOR PART 2 CLICK HERE: https://glitternight.com/2012/09/07/future-history-more-on-the-second-u-s-civil-war/


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  1. Gregory P

    Looking forward to more of this! The fact that ur not a conservative fool or a liberal fool should make this a very interesting story.

  2. This is chillingly and depressingly realistic. I sort of can’t wait for more but I’m also kind of dreading where you go with this.

  3. Scary, thoughtprovoking and grim, but really interesting. Hope there’s more coming.

  4. Very timely and very unnerving! Can’t wait for more!

  5. This really seems to be the way we’re headed, doesn’t it? I’ll be watching future installments.

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  7. Alfie

    This seems more realistic every time I reread it.

  8. I loved this! It struck so close to reality!

  9. This may very well be the way we wind up going.

  10. I can see this happening in your country.

  11. Agen Bola

    I’m very happy to read this. This really could happen.

  12. Fantastic and horrifying all at once. this could happen.

  13. Taylor

    Though this is fictional, the way people are acting because of politics, it’s plausible. During The Great Default, political loonies slither out from beneath the rocks to duke it out, forcing people to join their armies. Names of these armies, IMO, would be:
    1. For the left: Socialist Brotherhood of America
    2. For the right: Republican Liberation Army
    The US Military stands neutral ground and attempts to diffuse the street battle between the two, giving Kim Jong Un ample time to attack, not invade, attack, just like the Japanese. The US poors most of it’s funding into military occupation of North Korea. They start by scouting the terrain via drones. Then, little by little, stealthily moving in troops to begin the occupation. In the US, the terrorist groups begin to erode due to their troops dying or going AWOL and funding for the separatist armies begins to deteriorate. Just my honest speculative opinion, that’s all.

  14. Wow, I could see this happening.

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  16. I am constantly doing a search online with respect to well crafted content articles that can help me personally. Cheers.

  17. This seems too chillingly realistic.

  18. Scary. And plausible.

  19. World War 3 like this would be the end. For everything.

  20. Thanks for writing this post, I was some what familiar with this topic. It’s always nice learning new things.

  21. You present grimly excellent concepts for events within a 2nd American Civil War. Don’t stop filling in the details; you have fine command of words. My website gives a corrupt, piecemeal journalist version of such 2nd civil war beginning viewed from-the-right.

  22. Barry E

    Great piece of speculative flash fiction.

  23. Akilah

    Youre country seems headed for another civil war.

  24. I love how this is written and how it just lives there with all Your highly studied very factual offerings! Casually dropping a bombshell! It’s wild and lent an air of “this is real” to it. Really cool….NOT that I want it to be true! Cheers! 🙂

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