The Frontierado holiday is coming up fast – on Friday, August 3rd, in fact, so the frequency of my Frontierado posts is going to increase. Today we’ll revisit the rules of Frontierado Poker for newbies to the holiday.

Here are the rules for Frontierado Poker, the game that is strictly my own invention to go along with my holiday Frontierado.

1. Remove all face cards from the deck. The game is played with a 40-card deck.

2. Every player antes up. (I’m not advocating gambling. You can decide for yourselves what you play for.)

3. Each player is dealt 4 cards (the deal rotates like in many conventional poker games).

4. Every player MUST discard at least one card to be replaced. It is up to them which. As usual a player can keep or replace as many additional cards as they like.

5. The traditional method for folds, bets and raises applies.

6. Every player’s low hold card is absolutely wild, and can be any numerical value, color or suit the player wishes in order to give them the best hand. THIS ELEMENT CAN BE OMITTED FOR HARDCORE POKER PLAYERS WHO PREFER TRADITIONAL STRATEGY AND DON’T WANT ANY CARDS TO BE WILD.  

7. The best hand wins. Obviously in this game there is no Full House or Royal Flush possible since players hold only 4 cards and there are no face cards. A straight is simply 4 straight.  

Coming soon: another Frontierado recipe.

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  1. Great game! I’ll do the kind without any wild cards. We’ll play this game after the Frontierado cookout we’re having because of you on August 3rd.

  2. Woman

    … and I’ll raise you your shirt.

  3. Wow! I didn’t know we were playing strip poker!

  4. strip poker…I’m in !!!!!!!!!

  5. Ned

    Come on August 3rd! This Frontierado thing I will see!

  6. Deal ’em hombre! My wife and kids and I are having a Fronteirado celebration this August 3rd and my buddies and I will definitely be playing Frontierado poker!

  7. My family and I will watch Silverado on August 3rd and we’ll play Frontierado Poker, but we will skip the cookout.

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  9. Pretty good game! Gonna give it a try this weekend with some buddies but without the wild cards.

  10. My roommates and I played this last night! It was pretty cool! We just played for pennies though.

  11. i want a tv show about celebrities playing Frontierado Poker!!! No wonder they call u the Brat Prince of Blogging!

  12. Lots a fun to play! I’ll celebrate Frontierado next year!

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