My favorite international adventuress, “Gabryella”, author of the riveting blog The World According To Woman (logo at right) offers a tense and disturbing look at xenophobia and misogyny in China.

This courageous lady is a bit outre, so politically correct wimps should avoid her blog, but if you have a spine check out her latest missive about the inherent perils of being a resident alien in China. Here is the link –


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  1. Woman

    I mean seriously… how could I not like this post? It’s all about me!!!!

    Balladeer darling, thanks for the pimping!!! You do know this enters you even more into that give away?

    Right now, the whole “fear” factor (you know, I’ll never be able to say that phrase again without it having less of an impact in my head because of that stupid show. Grr! Modern TV is steal the power of my words! Those BASTARDS!!!!) is alive and strong in China and it is because people are angry.

    And I get it, I mean North Americans (and maybe Europeans as well, I am not sure I don’t live there) we have the same thoughts when it comes to the people from abroad who choose to come and live in the countries we call home.

    China has always been a place where anything that threatens to changes it causes the people to fear the change and the uncertainty of what is going on or what will happen. And I get that. I really do.

    Just sometimes, it makes me so frustrated!!! And then when my tongue snaps a rude comment at someone for doing something utterly stupid… I go back in time to when quite literally anyone that looked different from the norm was like a celebrity being chased by the press. And yes, that is what it was like in China when I first arrived years and years ago.

    Well, and with the American government retaliating with the desire to stop student teachers through over 60 government sponsored schools in the States… it looks like this will only build and get worse.

    Strange world we live in!!!

    And again, thanks for the pimpage!!!


  2. Good article! Thanks for linking to it! ur right, politically correct wimps would fall 2 pieces seeing a country other than America geting criticized.

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  4. Unquestionably thought provoking! And I love the way you slam gutless politically correct people!

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