Welcome back to the favorite site of Independent Voters, Balladeer’s Blog, the Open City in an America being torn apart by irrational Liberal zombies and Conservative zombies. This is the only site on the internet that is truly non-partisan in its criticism of left-wing and right-wing zealots.

I get a lot of email from American Liberals and American Conservatives who, hilariously enough, think I have them and their shrill fellow fanatics all wrong and that it’s really the other side who is entirely to blame. They also often express outrage at my tolerance.

American Conservatives are outraged that my tolerance extends to homosexuals and transgendered people. American Liberals are outraged that my tolerance extends to Christians and other Conservatives. I’ve learned that both sides are equally judgemental and intolerant. No matter how badly American Liberals try to pretend they are “non-judgemental” people, the plain truth is that they are just as judgemental as the Christian Conservative fanatics they loathe.

It’s not “tolerance” to have an absence of hostility toward people who don’t offend your own belief system. Liberals don’t seem capable of understanding the fact that, since the behavior of homosexual and transgendered people doesn’t upset them, they aren’t being “tolerant” toward them. Being “tolerant” would mean not being hostile to people whose behavior DOES upset them – namely, any church-going people who marry a member of the opposite sex and raise a family.

Similarly, though Christian Conservatives like to drone on and on about “Christian forgiveness” and how “we are all sinners” they don’t seem capable of understanding that that means they shouldn’t  consider themselves fit to impose punishment or censure on people whose lifestyle offends them. IF, for some strange reason their deity really exists as they describe it and IF it shares their immature attitudes toward human sexuality then that deity will punish such behavior AFTER DEATH.     


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  1. Woman

    “though Christian Conservatives like to drone on and on about “Christian forgiveness” and how ”we are all sinners” they don’t seem capable of understanding that that means they shouldn’t consider themselves fit to impose punishment or censure on people whose lifestyle offends them.”


    I don’t understand why people cannot just practice what they preach and be done with it. I don’t care which side of the spectrum a person is on, or which country, or which party, or which idea. Why can’t people just get along and accept that everyone thinks and acts differently and that is the good thing?

  2. Well put, but unfortunately I don’t have any answers. I have no idea why allegedly “holy” conservatives and allegedly “tolerant” liberals have such a hard time coexisting.

  3. This is a great blog! I uv how u go after both liberals and conservatives – they r both so scuzzy!

  4. Jerseytime

    Interesting stuff! And a call to rational dicussion. Meanwhile, how would you describe your own political positions?

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