No Robert Downey, Jr, no problem! He did his best work in Greaser’s Palace, anyway. (I’m kidding!) Since the past few weeks in all our lives have seemed like just downtime between commercials for the heavily hyped Avengers movie being released today I figured I would mark the occassion with another acknowledgment of how butt- kickingly cool this logo and team name are.

College football’s ASA Avengers won one of Balladeer’s Blog’s  “20 Coolest” contests in 2010 and you can see why! That logo adorns their football helmets and merchandise, making their gear among the most stylish and distinctive in all of college sports.

The Avengers also play basketball, baseball and other sports of course, and with Nick Fury doing the recruiting for them you can bet they always put together competitive teams.    


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12 responses to “ASA AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

  1. Woman

    That would make a nifty tattoo!!!! But I’d change the ASA Avengers to something else.

    • As wild as you are do we want to know what you would change it to?

      • Woman

        Why there is only one thing it can be changed to darling.

        Change the ASA to ASS and where it says “Avengers” I’d have MONKEYS. I’d even change the helmet thingie a little to make it softer edges, and it’s say, “ASS MONKEYS”. That way while the team is playing, the crowd can cheer, “GO ASS MONKEYS GO!!!” Can you imagine those cheerleaders?

      • You are a riot! I would love to hear a whole stadium yelling “Go Ass Monkeys go!

        You are hilarious!

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  3. That is one awesome team logo!

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  6. Really enjoyed this blog post!

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