Sujit Das’ work Islam Dismantled: The Mental Illness of Prophet Muhammad is a much- needed critique of the founder of Islam. It’s easy to find books criticizing the founders of other belief systems from around the world but when people are brave enough to subject forever-intolerant Islam to these same rational examinations the cowardly political correctness police pretend it’s “hate speech” or “Islamophobia.”

I’ve mentioned in the past my personal belief that Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, was a mentally unbalanced man who simply stole a lot of his ideas from Rosicrucian writings of the 1600’s. The spineless American left never has a problem with that sort of comment but any and all criticism of Islam is taboo to them. They’re already using their usual shrill accusations of “hatred” against Sujit Das’ book. 

This marvelous work ignores the general academic fear of treating Islam like every other religion and courageously goes where Liberal cowards fear to tread. Conservative Christian fanatics will not like this book either because so much of Das’ approach could also be applied to figures from the dawn of Christianity. 

Muhammad, if he even really existed, was just another demented religious leader spreading an irrational, violent and hate-filled faith. There is nothing “sacred” about him and he deserves to be subjected to the same cold analysis that any other quasi-historical figure rightly receives.     


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  1. When is the book about Jesus’ mental state going to come out?

    • In addition to books casting doubt on Jesus’ existence there are plenty of books out there depicting Jesus as a lunatic, a charlatan, a homosexual, a political anarchist mistaken as a messiah and just about anything else you can imagine.

      As I’ve made clear I couldn’t care less if there are books depicting Jesus having sex with farm animals and corpses or depicting him as a raving nutjob himself.

      There’s even a stage comedy called The Book of Mormon ridiculing their beliefs. Let me ask YOU when the stage comedy about Muhammad and Islam is coming out … and how many people will be killed over it?

      • I’m sure quite a few people would be killed over The Book of Q’aran play — just as countless people were killed during the Spanish Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials in the name of Jesus. I’m not saying Muslims are any less crazy than Christians, I’m implying that any follower of an organized religion is delusional and dangerous. Islam is the second largest religion in the world and they have a lot of hurdles to get over before they’ll get the respect of the secular community, but in the United States of America, Christ is king, and it’s causing our citizens to do incredibly stupid things. When Islam is mainstream in the US and they’re free to set up places of worship without fear of xenophobic persecution, I’ll be the first one to mock them for believing in invisible men in the sky. Happy Passover.

      • I always notice that people trying to defend Islam have to go waaaaaay back in time to find a period when Christianity as a whole was behaving in the same irrational way as Islam.

        I bash all religions equally here and I’m tired of people implying that Islam deserves to be elevated above all other religions and be the one that we dare not mock.

        Islam is the only religion that perpetuates superstitious savagery like killing people over drawing pictures they don’t approve of.

        Your remark insinuating that Muslims aren’t free to establish places of worship is ridiculous and unsupportable. Besides, do you seriously think people of other religions are free to set up THEIR religion’s places of worship in Muslim countries? If you want to see REAL persecution (and who knows how many deaths) go start leading an alternate religion in the Muslim world.

        Islam is at least as homophobic and misogynist as any other religion and I am not going to treat it differently than other religions.

        If the passover reference was intended as an antisemitic slur, I’m not Jewish and I wasn’t born or raised Jewish, either. But these “tolerant” Muslims you believe in often accuse me of being Jewish or “the puppet of jews”. Grow up and join the 21st Century. You might enjoy it.

  2. I could read your blog all day! Loved how you put the jerk with the Jesus mental state crack in his place. Guys like him are such worms. “Joe Six” lol probably his IQ

    • Ha! Thanks! Cowards like him and all those “atheists for Islam” on the internet who love to harass Christians but would be far too afraid to argue with Muslims.

  3. Your material is always so engaging and unique. I enjoy the way you are skeptical about all religions and refuse to put one in particular above the others. And I admire the way you handle trolls like Joe Six. He seems really insecure about something! lol

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  5. I really enjoy how you take a critical look at all the world’s religions and mythologies. You don’t play any favorites.

  6. Good for you! This kind of rational deconstruction of Islam is direly needed during this period when otherwise reasonable people want the whole world to let the Muslim world do whatever it pleases and kill whoever it pleases.

  7. So good to see a blog that isn’t intimidated by Islam. I’m so sick of people rolling over in a cowardly way for them.

  8. You only have to go back 400 years for the Salem Witch Trials, a comparatively short time ago even if you accept fundamental Christians’ claim that the earth is only 6,000 years old. If you’re looking for more modern examples of Christians behaving irrationally, look no further than the Westboro Baptist Church, the countless killings and bombings of abortion providers, and the multiple parents who have murdered their own children because Jesus told them to. Let me clarify once again that I’m not saying Christians are alone in their ridiculous and dangerous beliefs. Islam might even take the cake in that arena. But in the US — the only country I’m qualified to comment on — the Judeo-Christian cults are so ingrained in our national culture that we hardly bat an eye when a mainstream presidential candidate claims that Satan has his sights set on America.

    Meanwhile, it becomes an entire national discussion when a group of Muslims tries to set up a mosque two blocks away from the site of the September 11th attacks and state governments have to start passing bills to ban Sharia law. I don’t care how I’d be treated in Iran for my beliefs — I’m an American, and I know my country was founded on better ideals than this kind of persecution based on the “Yeah, but they started it!” mentality. Grow up and join the 21st century.

    As a secular Jew, I can’t imagine taking any offense to someone wishing me a Happy Passover. If you want to interpret it some way (besides the obvious fact that this week is Passover), let it be this: in these polarizing discussions about religions and cultures, we all need to remember that there are hundreds of different beliefs systems out there today, just as there were countless more before us, and there will be even more than that tomorrow. As my people used to say, “This too shall pass.”

    • 1. 400 years IS waaaay back. Unless you’d like to get into a discussion of how barbaric the Muslim world was behaving 400 years ago, too. Somehow, I didn’t think so.

      2. COUNTLESS killings of abortion doctors? That’s too insane even for you. Prove to me how “countless” those killings are. I want exact figures. You won’t have them, of course. And anyway, occassional violence by crazed Christian fanatics is not the same as the way thousands of Muslims pour out of the woodwork to burn buildings when people draw pictures that their xenophobic, homophobic, misogynist religion disapproves of. Or the way the Muslim world treats women on a daily basis.

      3. I take shots at all religious beliefs at this blog.ALL OF THEM. Cowards like you who expect me to crawl for Islam the way you do can’t grasp that. You’re like Christians who read something I wrote against Christianity and then accuse me of “hating” Christianity. ALL RELIGIONS DESERVE CRITICAL ANALYSIS EVEN THE MUSLIM FAITH THAT OBVIOUSLY FRIGHTENS YOU SO MUCH! I notice you’re not complaining about all my pieces that bash Christianity. Maybe you are bigoted against Christians and need to reevaluate your horribly blinding prejudices.

      4. You say you only care about yourself. Americans like you need to stop being so self-centered and intellectually lazy. There is a whole wide world out there even though narrow-minded fools like you refuse to believe it. If you don’t care about homophobia and misogyny DON’T DARE TRY TO DRAG ME DOWN TO YOUR SPINELESS LEVEL.

      5. I question what kind of people you hang around with if you honestly believe “nobody batted an eye” over those remarks! Everyone I know was appalled and ridiculed it and it was all over the newscasts. But maybe you don’t watch the news. It might interfere with this ridiculously sanctimonious attitude you try to put on.

      6. If you think a civilized discussion about building a mosque is “persecution” you really are the kind of clueless American you seem to be. There are people in the world who suffer REAL oppression and they often die in prisons with their killers’ laughter the last sounds they hear. Cowards like you spit on the victims of real oppression by throwing that word around with such giddy abandon. (Psst! This is your cue to bring up Auschwitz and pogroms while conveniently ignoring all the horrors that Muslims have inflicted on Jewish people)

      7. The fact that you think passing laws to ban Sharia law is wrong tells me how you feel about women and homosexuals. Allowing the outdated attitudes that Sharia law does is so intolerant it doesn’t belong anywhere in the world.

      8. A huge portion of my blog is about different belief systems past and present, so with your biased “blind men and the elephant” way of judging things you really are as prone to snap judgements as you seem. You obviously like getting up on your high horse and playing to some nonexistent camera more than you like having your facts straight.

      9. My appropriately telling you to grow up and join the 21st century clearly rattled your sense of self-importance. Since it was clearly so devastating to your self-esteem I won’t repeat it.

  9. Awesome way you deal with trolls. This jerk obviously has no clue how much you bash Christianity so he could have saved himself this complete smackdown.

  10. First, let me assure you that any sense of self-importance I have left after years of clinical depression and Asperger’s Syndrome is not so fragile as to be crushed by being embarrassed.

    Balladeer: Ah, good. Trying for pity. Exacly what I would expect from someone like you. I’ll spare you a list of my personal woes because cheap bids for pity are silly. Let me remind you of what happened here. I posted one of the many items I write about how ridiculous I find religions to be and how critical analysis is needed even when it’s Islam even though people like you want me to elevate Islam above all other religions and never criticize them. You obviously didn’t even read this entire post because I clearly referred to the way Christian conservative fanatics would not like the book because of the way the same analysis could apply to their religion’s founding figures (and has been, in other books). Either you didn’t read that or your reading skills are even worse than your writing skills.

    You then jumped in, obviously thinking you were taunting and baiting one of those Christians you clearly have such bigoted feelings toward. IF YOU HAD SIMPLY ASKED A POLITE QUESTION INSTEAD OF GETTING SNARKY – Say, if you had said “How would you feel about a book questioning the mental state of Jesus?” I would have replied “I’m fine with it. I think all religion is mythology anyway.” and this whole argument could have been avoided.

    From now on maybe you should not be a self-righteous ass when you’re visiting someone else’s blog. If you had read enough other posts you would have seen I am not a Christian and the snarky game you were trying to play could have been avoided. Trying to taunt and provoke one of those Christians you have such bigoted feelings toward is not in the spirit of this interfaith understanding you piously whine about when it suits your purposes. Provide me with a link where you have jumped in to defend Christians who are being bashed. If you can’t I will assume I’m right about your anti-Christian bigotry.

    Secondly, I don’t want to get into a discussion about how barbaric Muslims were 400 years ago. I already mentioned that Muslims probably take the cake when it comes to violations of human rights.

    Balladeer: I will grant you that point.

    Michael F. Giffen, Rev. Paul Jennings Hill, John Salvi, Eric Robert Rudolph, James Kopp, and Scott Roeder are just some of the names that pop up when you search for murderers who target abortion providers. I can count six right there, but there’s no clear number to find on a global scale, in the way you’ve now framed your arguments.

    Balladeer: “Countless”, eh? Only for someone who can’t count to six.

    And I apologize if I gave the impression that I was an isolationist that cares little about the rest of the world.

    Balladeer: Apology accepted. You’re dismissed, nutso!

  11. I love the clean and clear way you take on all religions and point out what bullshit they are!

  12. Good article! Congratulations on being one of the few non-conservative sites that has the balls to stand up to Islam for its homophobia and misogyny.

  13. Great stuff! You handle liberal phonies very well!

  14. Fantastic post and fantastic way 2 put 1 of those crawling American liberals in their place! u rock!

  15. Case closed! You crushed that JoeSix jackass like a bug on a windshield!

  16. Way to show JoeSix! What a loser! I hate people like him who beat up on Christians but are too weak to even say boo to Muslims.

  17. Mukul

    Sujit has done a great job. Unfortunately, the main stream Muslims believe in a fictitious and make belief Islam. Of course they don’t have any alternative because of blasphemy laws. These laws are stronger than Islam, Mohammad and Allah taken together.

  18. Len

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  36. Dexter

    Hi there! I loved how you dispatched that troll!

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