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I believe now is a good time to address this issue from awhile back since it covers the cheap politicization of grief over a loved one slain in war. Remember when Liberals were all hyping the possibly unstable woman Cindy Sheehan, who was stalking President Bush (whom I didn’t like but there’s no denying this woman’s actions seemed pretty creepy) because she blamed “the War on Terror” for her son’s death?

Reasonable people – and no, I sure as hell don’t mean Conservatives when I say “reasonable people”  –  couldn’t help but realize that there’s a point where mourning a loved one can seem more like riding their death to fame and that Sheehan had no special privileges just because she opposed the war since plenty of people who SUPPORTED the war had also lost children to it. Liberals and their media outlets were naturally hyping and promoting the woman because it fit their own agenda and they never gave equal time to other mothers of war dead who might have different views.

At one point when the clueless and inept George W Bush made a public statement about his stalker (And can you imagine the media reaction if a Republican woman was stalking Obama because HER son had died in one of the military actions HE’S been presiding over?) and hilariously left- wing Maureen Dowd from the New York Times wrote an outraged column about it. Dowd (known mostly for being the woman Michael Douglas used to date before he dumped her for Catherine Zeta- Jones) ridiculously stated that a grieving mother has “absolute moral authority” and that it was wrong to ever criticize Sheehan. 

For starters the expression “absolute moral authority” is so stupid it sounds like something the Religious Right would come up with. And what about a mother who had lost a child to the war but supported it? I can’t imagine Dowd would consider that mother to have “absolute moral authority” over her or that she had no right criticizing or disagreeing with the grieving mother. Nope. Only when it fits the political agenda of liberal pundits do they decide certain people are above being disagreed with. 

And to take Dowd’s inane statement at face value let’s consider another question. Does a mother who lost TWO children to a war have “absolute moral authority” over a mother who only lost ONE child to that war? This is the type of tasteless and ridiculous territory you get into when you try to pretend that some people’s grief elevates them above anyone who disagrees with them, even if those people have also lost loved ones. Everyone has a right to speak out. Period. Not just people whose opinions support the prejudices of people like Maureen Dowd and her laughably biased employers. (And by the way I noticed Liberals stopped doing their handy dandy up-to- the minute body count of the war dead once the man in the White House had a D after his name instead of an R. Hilarious!)  

Usually these posts slam both Liberals and Conservatives equally, but its mostly a Liberal fault to constantly exploit other people’s grief in the name of politics. Next time I’ll dissect the ridiculous Conservative belief that big business needs less government regulation. They apparently think “the goodness of their hearts” will stop the people who run Corporate America from repeating the kinds of abuses they were guilty of before government regulation. 


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  1. Woman

    “Everyone has a right to speak out. Period.”

    Isn’t that what this freedom of speech is about??? To me it just seems like people who complain get the right to speak, and everyone else is forced to sit down and take it no matter their opinion.

    • Yes, that’s what freedom of speech USED to be about. It USED to be that Liberals supported free speech (which is why I used to think I was one long, long ago) but since the early 1990’s they’ve been the self- appointed Political Correctness Police, trying to ban anything they don’t approve of.

      In the same way that Conservatives try to ban and censor anything they say is “blasphemous” or “unpatriotic” Liberals try to ban and censor anything they say is “racist” or their all-encompassing term “offensive to others”. But they always think it’s okay to offend people they personally feel hostile toward. Both groups now wage war on Freedom of Expression which is why so many of us stopped considering ourselves Liberals long ago.

      And yes, you’re right – professional “activists” – who spend their lives manufacturing outrage about anything and everything – are often surrendered to while people who respect free speech watch it being limited more and more each passing year.


      • Woman

        You know, I’ve always wondered if I lived in the States, which camp would I belong too?

      • Since you have a mind of your own you’d probably be like me and others who refuse to force our worldview to fit into the tiny boxes that Liberals and Conservatives use. I think you’d join the growing numbers of us who say to hell with both groups of close- minded fanatics and hope for a better way.

      • Woman

        LOL!!! There is no “hope” in this situation because there IS a better way.

        It seems they act like cliques on a primary school play ground. And the politicians in today’s world in any country, need to grow up and act like adults, and learn to listen to other people.

        And it’s work time!!!!

  2. Rose

    Very Well Said!!!

  3. They apparently think “the goodness of their hearts” will stop the people who run Corporate America from repeating the kinds of abuses they were guilty of before government regulation.

    and the hits just keep on coming…quote from TBs…

  4. Thank you on behalf of all of us who have lost loved ones to the war and get sick of shrews like Dowd thinking they are fit to speal for us!

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  6. THIS WAS PERFECTLY SAID! Not just about what jackasses liberals have become but also about rich people.

  7. Very nice! You nailed the hypocrisy of liberals perfectly on this. Anyone stalking Obama like this would have been branded a racist!

  8. On behalf of all mothers of slain veterans I want to thank you. This unstable fool is an embarrassment.

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  13. This woman tried to act like she was the only mother who ever lost a son to war.

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  17. So how many children have you lost in a war?

    • You are an imbecile if you don’t get the point of this blog post and the fact that one’s personal loss (or lack of same) has no bearing on the validity of their comments. Grow up and learn to read.

  18. I totally love how you called her out! You go!


  20. I really like your blog. And u said this perfectly. So tired of the media’s games.

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