Everyone remembers that Dallas “The Kid” Seavey won the Iditarod back on the 13th. He is the youngest winner of the Iditarod in history adding another milestone after last year’s Arctic John Baker being the first native Alaskan to win the event. Here is the finishing order as of March 17th complete with the competitors’ Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname:

1. Dallas the Kid Seavey *** 2. Alaska Ally Zirkle *** 3. Rainy Pass Ramey Smith *** 4. Aaron “Burgomeister” Burmeister *** 6. Ray Redington Jr, the Rohn Rascal *** 7. Mitch “Pops” Seavey *** 9. Arctic John Baker *** 10. DeeDee “Juneau” Jonrowe *** 12. Klondike Ken Anderson *** 15. North Paul Gebhardt *** 16. Knot’s Landing Michelle Phillips *** 19. Martin “Below Zero” Buser *** 22. Lance “The Mad Musher” Mackey   


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14 responses to “IDITAROD 2012: THE WRAPUP

  1. Woman

    That puppy is soooooo cute!!! And I agree with Kelly. Cute nick names!!!

  2. Rose

    I am counting down to next year already, especially since I missed most of this year.

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  4. The nicknames you came up with are so funny but I bet only big Iditarod fans will get them!

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  7. Jess

    This is an odd event.

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