T My sister Rosemary has been hospitalized since Saturday and I’ve been updating my blog remotely here and there to take my mind off worrying about her whenever I can squeeze out a few moments. This post is a little shoutout to her since it looks at one of her favorite forgotten shows. Thank you to loved ones and friends doing their best to help me through this difficult time.

The New People was part of a brief and very odd experiment with television programs that ran just 45 minutes INCLUDING commercials. These shows were always paired with a sister program that also ran 45 minutes total, thus the two back- to- back programs filled a total 90 minute block. In the case of The New People that sister show was The Music Scene

The New People was sort of like “Lord of the Flies Meets the 60’s Counterculture”. An airplane crashes on a desert island in the Pacific. Only one adult survives the crash but even they eventually pass away. The other survivors were all 60’s teenagers as only middle-aged television executives could picture them. These made-for- tv hippies then struggled to start their own society on the island. 

The program provided a nice arena for weighing what network executives thought the counterculture wanted  against the practical necessities of having a functioning society. Only 17 episodes were made before the show was axed. Rod Serling wrote the pilot episode and Aaron Spelling was the executive producer. 




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  1. Woman

    Oh Balladeer darling!! That is such sad news!!! Is she going to be ok? What’s wrong?

    Don’t worry about us… we will still be here when you get back!!! life happens!!!

    Get well soon Rosemary!

    • She is out of the hospital now but I will need to look after her for several days. Bacterial infection in the bloodstream, dehydration and many other things. That’s why I haven’t been commenting at your blog in a while. I’ve just been updating mine when I can to take my mind off my worries.

      Thank you! I told her what you said just now and she says thank you, too!

      • Woman

        Life happens darling!!! I know I’ve had my time when the only thing I was able to worry about was my blog. Do not worry about it!!!

        Here’s hoping she gets better lickedy split!!!

  2. Taz

    This aounds like it would be fun to riff on!

  3. Strange idea – 45 minute shows. Like u sed u have to pair them up to get a round 90 minutes

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  5. Liked this post. Sounds like a fun series.

  6. Lovd how u put the counterculture stuff lol

  7. Nice. You could see this series being remade today.

  8. Nice idea for a show. Weird idea to go 45 minutes.

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