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JUROJIN – The god of longevity who granted a long life and watched over the elderly. He was depicted as a tall, thin man leaning on a staff to which is attached a scroll containing the secret of eternal life. He was usually accompanied by a deer and a crane, symbols of longevity.


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12 responses to “SHINTO DEITY: JUROJIN

  1. Woman

    Have you ever noticed, that very rarely deities that provide those with long life and youth rarely are accompanied by the fun stuff in life?

  2. I really enjoy learning about something other than Greek or Egyptian gods which are all anybody else ever covers!

  3. Ha! I agree! It’s like if you get to live long you don’t get to have fun.

  4. ur myth posts are so educational

  5. Jorojin only gets 1 paragraph?!! What gives?

  6. Nice article but it was 2 short compared to ur usual god stories

  7. Many thanks so much! That is actually good to hear!

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