While most people today are talking about Rick Santorum’s rout of Mitt Romney AKA The Republican Walter Mondale,  Balladeer’s Blog’s readers know I always like to be different.

Today I’ll post about the enormous laughs I’ve been getting from watching the GOP brass fume over the realization that their voters are crazy enough to vote for Newt Gingrich, a man who never met a goofy idea he didn’t want to ride for awhile before abandoning it and denying he ever had anything to do with it. What a “rock solid conservative” those nutty Tea Party types are supporting! What a way to prove people wrong when they say Tea Party voters are clueless hicks who never follow national events and have no historical memory!

If the Newtons, as Gingrich’s cult-like followers are called, manage to make their man the nominee I’ve decided to offer up a few potential campaign slogans for the candidate.

Newt Gingrich: The bitter, scowling face of the Republican Party!

Newt Gingrich: Crazier than Ron Paul, more hypocritical than Rick Perry!

Newt Gingrich: Taking tomorrow’s stands today, before recanting them tomorrow!

Newt Gingrich: Batshit insane like a fox!

Newt Gingrich: Not since Polk … (My fellow Presidential history geeks will get it)

I’ve never understood how Newt got elected to Congress in the first place way back when. Who were his constituents? Nothing but grouchy old men yelling at little kids to stay out of their yard?

We can laugh all we like, but a country that elected people like George W Bush and Barack Obama might elect anybody, so who knows? Someday Newt Gingrich might have a presidential scandal to call his very own! 


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  1. I pay little noticed of US politics, but what i see is a man who closes down down firms for a living and God knows what else, and another who has been found guilty of a crime.
    They are just as bad as the dumb ass hole G.W.Bush Jnr, who could not speak without a mistake, did not know important peoples names, and was a great mistake for America.
    Then you had the chief shagger B. Clinton, who disgraced himself.
    I suppose i could go on.

    Why can a decent American not try to be president ?

    Because of money, he could not pay for all the shit that goes on in the primaries, also i don’t think the oil companies, etc,etc could buy him or her.

    I must take a rest after that sort rant 🙂

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Harry! Not to mention Barack Obama, the only demagogue in history to be utterly helpless without a teleprompter. The man also thinks we have 57 states instead of 50 and pronounced the rank Corpsman (Core-mun) as “CORPSE-MUN” all through THE CEREMONY WHERE HE WAS BESTOWING AN AWARD TO THE CORPSMAN IN

    Obama and his hopelessly embittered wife have made as many public gaffes as the clueless GW Bush did, but the accusations of biased media in the U.S. are completely true. GW Bush’s screw-ups were aired on the news over and over but you have to go to youtube to find Barack Obama’s countless stupid remarks.

    By the way, on the subject of decent Americans not winning office you might like this parallel I drew with the ancient Greek political comedy The Knights – no familiarity with American or Greek history necessary –
    click here –

    • The one good thing about Barack Obama is that he is clean and has brought no shame or trouble to the office, i think thats the first time for many years.

      • No shame or trouble to the office? You really don’t follow American politics like you said! The Obama administration is almost as bad as Harding and Grant’s administration in terms of scandals involving Barack and his cronies helping themselves to the public treasury under various scams – see Solyndra and Obama’s other scandals. Plus he’s suspected in having helped SELL his old Senate seat after he became President and countless staff members have had to resign under a cloud of investigation for unethical behavior!

  3. Woman

    “We can laugh all we like, but a country that elected people like George W Bush and Barack Obama might elect anybody, so who knows?”

    Truer words have never been spoken in regards to politics!!!

  4. 2 funny! ur becoming my favorite place on the web for humor like this since ur the only 1 who goes after both sides equally.

  5. Your politics blows my mind at times…who they are/what they do/where they come from/what they do when in office…WOW is all I can say !!!

  6. Those slogans had me accidentally spitting coffee on my keyboard! Too funny!

  7. Hilarious, just hilarious! I love how you take shots at both republicans and democrats.

  8. So funny! Newt is the biggest joke in politics!

  9. Very funny! i love how u take on both liberals and conservatives all the time!

  10. Just another liberal asshole aren’t you

    • Conservative fanatics accuse me of being a liberal and liberal fanatics accuse me of being a conservative. That’s how I know I’m accomplishing what I set out to do with all of you loonies.

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