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ISITOQ – This god was depicted as a giant winged eye, constantly flying through the sky and observing every violation of a taboo that took place and reporting his findings to Sila. This was similar to the way Kataum  would observe taboo violations for Sedna but Isitoq does not seem to have played the same sentinel role that Kataum did for Sedna’s dwelling.  Think of Isitoq as a celestial snitch.  

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12 responses to “INUIT MYTH PAGE – ISITOQ

  1. Woman

    What kind of taboos were they on the look out for?????

    • Not observing the right rituals where game animals were concerned, menstruating women not observing the million and one taboos they were supposed to observe at that time of the month.

  2. Flying eyeball! I love the gods u find! Sign me up for this religion!

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