An extended entry on the salmon-creating god. For more gods and goddesses from Inuit mythology click here: 

EQATLEJOQ – The salmon god. He dwelt in the supercelestial land of Udlormiut which was also inhabited by Tatqim, Seqinek and Tapasuma. Eqatlejoq was depicted creating salmon by whittling away at either giant walrus tusks or pieces of wood found in the heavens. As the shavings came into contact with the waters far below he transformed them into salmon.  This concept of a fish-creating god can vary a bit by region with it  sometimes being trout or other fish instead of salmon that the shavings turn into. 

A famous myth features Eqatlejoq’s encounter with Kiviok, the greatest hero of Inuit mythology. The salmon god created an enormous salmon for the hero to ride home. In some traditions Eqatlejoq is missing his intestines which have been scooped out by the disemboweling goddess. (accounts vary as to why) The salmon god is notoriously dangerous to shamans traveling in their astral forms if they approach him from the side where his missing innards are noticeable. Therefore it is always wise to approach him from the correct side.

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  1. Love the idea of a fish god! It makes complete sense, there had to be one given that fish is central to Inuit diet. We’ve been experimenting with a no-meat, fish-only diet for the past couple of months…We could do with our own salmon and trout-making god 🙂

    • Yeah, I love seeing a culture’s values through their myths. Good luck with the seafood diet. I guess it’s healthier but I would miss too many things like ribs and steaks.

  2. Woman

    Move to Hubei!!! All the fish you can eat!!!!

    I love reading about various cultures myths! I too enjoy learning about why a culture does what it does, thinks how they think through their myths and legends.

    • I agree! And I love this recurring theme in Inuit myths about deities bringing things into being by whittling, like Eqatlejoq here and Sila creating snow by whittling walrus tusks and a goddess I haven’t done an entry on yet who whittles birds into existence.

  3. Stingfan97

    I am in love with the digging you do to find these bits of info that nobody else on the web has.

  4. midaevalmaiden

    Imagine riding the back of a giant salmon. How much fun would that be!

  5. u r like a Homer of the 21st centuy! I am falling in love with your entertaining way of looking at these gods and goddesses.

  6. Teresita

    Awesome! I enjoy these other pantheons you look at!

  7. Madalene

    Interesting god!

  8. Eunice

    Is there a way to read about this story in detail? Kiviuq and the Salmon or about the Salmon spirit and the shamans?

    • Yes, there are various versions of the Kivioq myth in the books on my list of source material for Inuit Myths. In a few versions the god makes ALL fish and is not specifically a salmon deity.

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