THE ALMIGHTY JOHNSONS – With the popularity of the movie Thor I want to help spread the word about this New Zealand program that debuted in February of this year. This treasure is not so much forgotten as it is simply unknown here in the states but I want to change that since it has “cult hit” written all over it, and because it has nothing to do with vampires, unlike 68% of the new shows lately.

The Almighty Johnsons is about a group of brothers in New Zealand (?) who realize they are reincarnations of the old Norse deities like Odin, Ull, Bragi, etc. The gods were forced to incarnate as humans with their memories wiped clean, but their powers are beginning to manifest themselves and our heroes struggle to come to grips with their emerging abilities while trying to find Odin’s lost wife Frigga in order to get their full godly selves back as well as get to the bottom of what happened to cause all this.

The goddess Freya is for some reason a villainess in this tale but Loki, the usual godly villain of Norse myths, is allied with her. Freya and a band of other Aesir goddesses like Fulla, Sjofn and Snotra (Frank Snotra? Nancy Snotra?- rimshot) are trying to find the missing Frigga first for mysterious reasons of their own, but all indications are the fate of all existence is at stake in this unusual fantasy-drama. Let’s all get in on the ground floor of this puppy and hopefully it will be picked up by the Sci Fi Channel or somebody. Here is the show’s official site –



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  1. midaevalmaiden

    this sounds really interesting.

  2. I agree! I really hope it gets picked up in the States. Let’s hope Thor’s box office results prompt some cable outfit to start showing episodes.

  3. Just to give your readers a look see here is a clip they might enjoy that shows some of the humour and a little of what the show is.

    New Zealand does shows like this well.

    Others that are great are:

    Outrageous Fortune (amazing series)
    The Strip
    Go Girls (still on – very funny)

    • Loved this clip! Now I’m willing to take the odd routes I often take to get a hold of many of the weirdass movies I review on my Bad Movies page! Thanks for posting this!

  4. p.s

    Although it is a series about vampires/werewolves/ghosts – check out the British series “Being Human” – the British always – I mean always – have a twisted (in a good and entertaining way) and unusual look at life.

    The vampire cop William Herrick (bad guy – very bad guy) is so great a character in series 1.

    So – there are actually good paranormal TV shows out there – you just have to find them.

    I will admit to being a True Blood fan though. Eric could fly me around any day !!!


  5. I’ll check out those other shows, but my geeky obsession with mythology is why I REALLY want to see The Almighty Johnsons now.

  6. Try here if you are having trouble finding episodes:

    If you want weird – check this movie out. I was watching late night TV one night (just after my marriage ended, so I was in a weird place at the time) and this came on. Couldn’t stop watching it because I was like ‘WTF’

    Exit to Eden – it isn’t actually bad – but where do they get this shit from ???????????

    Well I know – it is an Anne Rice story. Enough said????

  7. Ha! I’ve heard of that book of hers. It was supposedly about S&M wasn’t it?

  8. I heard about this TV show through an article about Dean O’Gorman getting a part in The Hobbit movie. I haven’t watched this TV yet, though I did torrent the show (I plan on buying it from NZ when it comes out). I love the plot of this show.
    I am even being my geeky self and planning a D20 modern campaign some what based on this show.

  9. Eddie B

    Awesome show! I want to see it now!

  10. Very interesting site and a good post. Thanks!

  11. Thankyou for sharing the information with us.

  12. Bobbie

    This was a clever use of Norse gods.

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