I’m continuing my look at Manly Wade Wellman’s pulp hero Silver John, the roaming singer and guitarist who fights supernatural forces in the Appalachian Mountains of long ago, sort of like a countrified Orpheus meets Kolchak. He’s called Silver John because of the silver strings on his guitar and the silver coins he carries in his pockets. For more details click here: https://glitternight.com/pulp-heroes/ 

FIND THE PLACE YOURSELF – This Silver John vignette features a creepy cabin that always puts me in mind of the cabin from the original Evil Dead. Otherworldly horrors inhabit the cabin and its surroundings, including flowers with human faces on them (insert your own Little Shop of Horrors joke here), sinister, half-glimpsed winged creatures, whispered voices that play upon your dark side and a serpentine woodland path that pursues passersby like a sentient reptile.   

WALK LIKE A MOUNTAIN – In this short story Silver John visits the isolated community up on picturesque Sky Notch. As usual, though he just came to play his guitar, sing and soak in the spectacular view, he winds up playing trouble-shooter against a supernatural menace. This time out our hero takes on Rafe Enoch, an eight foot tall mountain dweller who is descended from the giant race of Watchers mentioned in the Old Testament. Rafe has stolen away a young woman named Page Jarrett, whom he wants to keep him company after he uses his supernatural control of the elements to cause a flood that will wipe out all the other inhabitants of Sky Notch.    


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  1. Pamela Ann

    These silver john stories sound so awesome! Really interesting too! And everybody loves how you keep standing up to that nasty Time Thief. She is so rude!

    • Well, thank you! Yeah, you should see some of the e-mails people send me cheering me on for calling her on her unbelievably rude behavior. I always tell them they should do the same thing. She’s not a moderator and I don’t think she really knows what she’s talking about.There’s nothing to be afraid of – be just as nasty back to her. She backs down, like any would-be bully.

  2. The one with the creepy house and floweres with faces really interests me.

  3. Really spooky! I want to read these now!

  4. That giant guy is like an Indiana jones villain!

  5. Can anybody get it from a bookstore?

  6. Hey, buddy, I’ve not figured out the way to subscribe

  7. Lakisha

    I like this hero. Too few Christian heroes.

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