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Since 1992 Persephone has been a performance artist and power exchange icon. In 2002 she launched the site and hasn’t looked back. Nowhere else on the web can you find such a  combination of pop culture, horror, erotica and engaging eccentricity. The Goth Goddess of Grand Guignol was kind enough to tape an intro for a Bad Movie Party for yours truly years ago when I got to introduce her to the neglected bad movie classic The Mummy And The Curse of The Jackals. Long- time fans of Persephone are familiar with her fondness for horror flicks and the old classic late- night horror hosts. This terrific lady was the  subject of my latest Quick Q &A. 

Balladeer’s Blog: In a post-Scream world and with Scream 4 on the public’s mind let’s start with the state of the modern horror film. Do you prefer horror films to be self- aware and constantly joking or do you prefer that they stay away from breaking the fourth wall to avoid disrupting the tension?     

Persephone: I have no preference for either. I enjoy both films that are serious and those which have a tongue -in- cheek approach. The most important thing is that I remain entertained and engrossed, and that I can make it all the way to the end of the film. 

BB: How do you feel about the non-stop remakes and reboots of old horror films? 

P: Most of them are deplorable. I dread the Suspiria remake they are doing. I keep having nightmares that they’ll destroy it the way they did The Haunting and The House On Haunted Hill. They should just leave them alone or come up with something original!      

BB: If you could write, direct and star in one horror film what story would you like to do?

P: Well, if I did all that I suppose the story would be my own, too, eh? As far as a plot, I haven’t given it much thought.

BB: I can easily picture you portraying the Marvel Comics character Satana, the Devil’s Daughter. Any interest in that role?

P: Not really a Marvel Comics gal.

BB: I share your fondness for old- time movie host shows and all your fans know that Elvira was your favorite, but who else would you put in your Top 5?

P:  1. Elvira (I grew up on Movie Macabre) … 2. Vampira … 3. Joe Bob Briggs … 4. Zacherley … 5. Jami Deadly    Those are the only ones I have enjoyed.  

BB: Have you gotten a chance to watch Elvira’s newest show in which she inserts joking comments into the movies like Ghoulardi and other old- time movie hosts used to do? If so, how did you like it?

P: No, is it an online thing? I still haven’t caught on to watching things online.   (Balladeer’s note: Elvira’s show is still called Movie Macabre and it airs on the cable channel called ThisTV on Saturdays and Sundays. They aren’t reruns from the 1980’s, they’re fresh.)  

BB: What are your quick takes on the following old-time movie hosts? … Elvira –  

P: Love and worshipped her as a kid. Still adore her.

BB: … Joe Bob Briggs

P: I love him and his sense of humor.

BB: … Zacherley

P: Love him.

BB: … Vampira

P: An icon.

BB: If you were releasing your own DVD series in which you were hosting bad movies what are some of your “must see” bad films?

P: New Year’s Evil, Kiss Daddy Goodbye, The Mummy And The Curse Of The Jackals   

BB: Any thoughts on the link between bad movies and rockabilly music? Many fans of one seem to be fans of the other, too.

P: More so than rockabilly, it’s more about psychobilly, which is a different genre.

BB: I was unaware of the distinction. I’ll look into psychobilly. Thanks. On the topic of music, what role would you assign the Misfits in musical history?

P: They were definitely innovators and had amazing records with Glenn Danzig.

BB: Do you continue to write poetry?

P: Here and there. Not a lot anymore.

BB: Who is your favorite poet?

P: William Blake

BB: Do you prefer horror literature of the Angel Dust Apocalypse sort or the more classic and gothic types?

P: I have never read Angel Dust Apocalypse. I like Brian Keene, Dean Koontz, true crime.

BB: Do you feel that vampire- related erotic themes will ever lose their appeal?

P: Of course not. I grew up on Hammer Horror and it made me who I am today. The reason people love vampires is because they represent repressed human sexuality. As long as that’s around people will be attracted to vampire erotica.

BB: Given the obvious crossover potential do you think we’ll ever see a giant dominant woman kaiju film? 

P: The USA steals everything else from Asian horror, I don’t see why they wouldn’t steal that, too.

BB: How heady is the feeling of getting outright tribute from admirers simply by posting a wish list?

P: I’ve been doing it since 1996 when I first went online. I don’t get a heady feeling from it. If people appreciate what I do enough to send me gifts I am happy to accept but I don’t let it go to my head nor does it rule my life.

BB: Do you like what some call the karmic justice elements of the type of power- exchanging role play you specialize in or do you view female dominance more as an expression of personal empowerment?

P: Karmic justice how? I’m not a feminist nor do I hate men or feel that the world has cheated me. I do what I do because I love men and I appreciate that a certain percentage of the male population needs a woman to take control.

BB: To end on a light note , given the current craze for writing zombies into virtually every story that’s ever been written, including A Christmas Carol, what particular work would you like to see have zombies added to it?

P: None. I’d rather someone just write something original. I don’t need a spin on the classics. 

Well that wraps it up! To learn more about the talented and complex Persephone here is a link:  


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62 responses to “PERSEPHONE: A QUICK Q AND A

  1. Your title tricked me. I was getting excited thinking that you’ve started a series about Greek mythology 🙂 Then I found out that it’s an interview. Which I read with interest, by the way. Persephone is definitely an interesting character, AND she likes William Blake (thumbs up!). Nice one, Ed.

  2. Rick J

    Wow! No bimbo, she. And she likes bad movies, movie hosts and poetry, too. Your regular commenter who calls herself “Woman” will probably love this ladies site.

  3. Fantastic stuff! That is one hot lady all the way around! Her sites are uhhh, really enticing, too!

  4. You have such a variety of topics here! This woman represents everything daring women should be!

  5. Beauty brains and she likes bad movies! I’ll do anything this lady says!

  6. This woman is every man’s dream come true!

  7. Fantastic interview! It’s not all whips and chains and heels with this lady obviously!

  8. Wow! She could be the new hostess with the mostess! I’m surprised she didn’t say she was a Ghoulardi fan.

  9. I love reading the odd stuff you have here. This interview with Persephone is a good example.

  10. Oooooh! I love her attitude and her freedom!

  11. Let me be the first to volunteer to buy this beautiful goddess a new car or anything else her pretty little heart desires!

  12. Somebody get this woman a movie deal!

  13. ThiS IS a WoMaN u CaN LiCk AnD sUcK On 4 DaYzZ

  14. This woman is enough to make a guy drool and beg to be smacked around by her!

  15. Martin

    I would obey her every word!

  16. MichaelHece

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  25. Tilly

    She looks like Shannon Doherty.

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    Beautiful lady!

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    Incredible lady!








  32. Neomi

    Very interesting woman.

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    The Misfits rock!

  34. Tuggy

    Interesting lady.

  35. Gerry Duggan

    I want to lick her boots.

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