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Here is my synopsis of the second Silver John story. I’ll be adding the rest of the stories and vignettes before moving on to the novels. For background info on the pulp hero called Silver John click here: https://glitternight.com/2011/03/17/sneak-preview-of-my-pulp-hero-page-first-up-silver-john/ 

THE DESRICK ON YANDRO – A desrick is a very old-fashioned cabin that was constructed specifically to offer maximum protection from attacks by Native Americans or wild animals. Yandro is a remote mountain, named after a monied family whose patriarchs have been evilly lording it over one of the backwoods communities for decades.

A witch lives in the desrick on Yandro; a witch who was jilted by the grandfather of the current head of the corrupt Yandro clan when she wouldn’t reveal to him where a fortune in gold could be found. Itching for the gold that eluded his ancestor Mr Yandro has Silver John accompany him on a dangerous journey to the desrick.

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