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Tashina Ototivo, a two-sport student at the University Of Science And Arts Of Oklahoma (or “USAO”) has been awarded the Bill and Pat Smith Scholar-Athlete Scholarship (or “BAPSSAS”). That scholarship is awarded for both the recipient’s academics as well as their athletic performance. It’s difficult to think of a more deserving candidate since this sophomore is basically the definition of a student athlete. Unlike another well-known sports figure whose initials are T.O. Tashina is the ideal role model for young women and men everywhere and is pretty much a paragon-at-large on the USAO campus.
As well as playing for the USAO Drovers basketball and softball teams, she was President of her freshman class last year and has a 3.74 grade-point average. This music major from Walters, OK probably also knows how to deal with the Gulf oil leak, too, if only someone would ask her.  
Ototivo was nominated by three faculty members including her basketball coach, Laci Tompkins.
“Tashina is one of those rare individuals that stand head and shoulders above the rest. This girl has the world by the tail,” Tompkins wrote in her nomination. “One cannot go wrong with her. This would be an investment.”
Dr Ken Bohannon’s nomination of Tashina read in part, “(She’s a) very good academic student. Her personality and work ethic are outstanding.”
When I reached myself for comment I replied “No doubt about it! Tashina Ototivo puts the “sass” in BAPSSAS.” 
Tashina herself was ecstatic.
“I was very excited and erupted with joy,” Ototivo said, “Money is hard to come by in college, especially playing two sports, and being honored with an award for sports and academics is a huge blessing. I think this is just another thing that will encourage me to strive to be a good example and the person that God wants me to be.”
Ototivo further stated that the scholarship has only encouraged her to work harder and keep her grades up.
“I’m thankful that my teachers have recognized the work I put into my academics as well as my athletics. I pray that I will continue to impress them with my hard work.”
The scholarship is traditionally given to one sophomore or junior student athlete who best reflects USAO’s creed: Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Social. After Tashina was chosen, long-time Drover supporter Bill Smith offered a matching scholarship. The University’s committee will choose a male recipient next week.
For streaming video of Tashina Ototivo rescuing puppies from a fire while simultaneously composing music and performing surgery click here: http://www.usao.edu/usao-sports/

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