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The reaction to my initial list of the Top Eleven Deities In Hawaiian Mythology has been nothing short of phenomenal. Many people indicated they had no idea that the islands had such a large and colorful pantheon of deities. They also indicated they wanted to know more about some of the other gods and goddesses in the myths of the Hawaiian Islands, so here is Part Two of my look at Hawaiian Mythology as a subset of Polynesian Mythology. I’ll be addressing other Polynesian Island groups in the near future. For Part One click here: https://glitternight.com/2011/02/20/the-top-eleven-deities-in-hawaiian-mythology/

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11. OPUHALA – The goddess of coral, coral reefs and canoe bailers. Because of the sharp, abrasive nature of coral, fish with spiny scales were also considered to be under her rule. She was the daughter of the sea god Kanaloa and the aunt of the demigod Maui. In some traditions it is said she provided enormous jagged chunks of coral for Maui to use as hooks when he was fishing up islands.  

10. KALAIPAHOA – The Hawaiian poison god. His images were always Continue reading


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