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Muslims peace and loveMuslim Violence Awareness Month continues with this look at the way Islam commits violence against religious freedom everywhere it spreads. I’m a non-believer in any of the world’s religions. Nearly all of the other religions have made some accomodation with the modern world where they do not expect people outside their religion to be bound by their own belief system. The one exception, of course, is Islam.

Muslims want their own ridiculous superstitions protected to a degree that none of us would accept from Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism, etc. So if, in casual conversation I happen to express the fact that Muhammad died long ago a Muslim can “take offense” since Islam teaches that Muhammad did not die but rose into the sky.

That Muslim, with the full cooperation of the gutless hypocrites of the American Left, can try to bring some form of punishment upon me for my perfectly rational remark that Muhammad died long ago. Of course, if I say “Jesus died long ago. That whole ‘rising from the dead’ nonsense is ridiculous,” the cowards of American Liberalism are fine with that, no matter how many Christians might be offended.

There are plenty of us non-believers and we are not going to obey any governmental entity that tells us we have to humor the idiocy of Islam by pretending that the blood-soaked child rapist who founded that religion did not die centuries ago but instead “rose into the sky.” Leftists around the world THINK they are doing Muslims a favor by carving out all these exceptions for the superstitious little darlings but they are instead making them targets of more and more resentment.      Continue reading