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Eric Holder, the J Edgar Hoover of Color

Eric Holder, the J Edgar Hoover of Color

Eric Holder, the Consigliere of the Obama Crime Syndicate, has resigned his office. This crooked figure has long been the subject of multiple investigations for his criminal misconduct and for abusing his position to persecute political enemies. Judges kept ruling AGAINST Holder in his efforts to withhold evidence in those investigations so, apparently seeing the writing on the wall he finally gave in to the constant calls for his resignation. Obama will likely pardon him as he leaves office as presidents have been doing in recent decades for staff members who break the law in their service.

Holder will be remembered as the most corrupt Attorney General in history and as the man who did the most to violate the civil rights of American citizens since the late FBI Director J Edgar Hoover. Despite his misconduct Hoover got a building named after him so at some future date I guess we’ll see the “Eric Holder Sewage Plant” or some such construct. The Democratic and Republican crime gangs afford each other these little courtesies, after all. Continue reading