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masc chair and bottleIt’s hard to believe here in the 21st Century but there are actually people who foolishly believe that we never landed on the moon. Here in the U.S. those people are called “Obama supporters”. At any rate the conspiracy addicts who feel that the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969 was a hoax are usually ignorant of the moon landings that followed. In the absurd debates over the legitimacy of the Apollo 11 mission the subsequent Apollo moon landings are often overlooked. In keeping with Balladeer’s Blog’s overall theme here is a look at the neglected Apollo missions that followed man’s first landing on the moon.

Apollo 12 patchAPOLLO 12 – Overall Commander: Charles “Pete” Conrad (not to be confused with Peter “Chuck” Conrad)

Command Module Yankee Clipper Pilot: Richard F Gordon, Jr

Lunar Module Intrepid Pilot: Alan L Bean 

Less than four full months after Apollo 11’s successful mission the Apollo 12 crew provided a SECOND fulfillment of President John F Kennedy’s goal of landing men on the moon and returning them safely to the Earth. Continue reading


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