alan moore picAlan Moore, the overrated and over-praised person who writes – but does not DRAW – comic books, has had multiple wrong takes on his profession’s affect on the real world. Recently, there was another reminder regarding how hilariously off-base and clueless Moore is.

In this particular case, it involves Alan’s idiotic take not so long ago in which he claimed that comic book superheroes can enhance right-wing tendencies toward violence. As I mentioned at the time, that take was incredibly foolish and very easy to rip apart, especially in the present day. 

antifa is that youLook, I repeatedly distance myself from the fanatics of both the left and the right, but let’s see … who in the real world TODAY tends to wear masks in large numbers and then inflict violence on countless numbers of victims? In recent years, that would be the misnamed Antifa, who are really KLAN-tifa. But at any rate, the privileged white people of Antifa embody the concept of masking up and going to look for political foes to beat down.

Over the years, I have often blogged about Klantifa’s ugly activities and I have found it hilarious whenever the comically out of touch Alan Moore or others have tried to pretend that it’s the political right who should be called out on this in the present day, even though Klantifa is forever masked and forever burning, injuring, etc. Atlanta was the most recent city to be reminded of what a violent pack of animals make up that group’s membership.

Nothing Earth-shaking here, merely a passing observation because I just encountered another person quoting Alan Moore’s remark. 



18 responses to “ALAN MOORE: STILL WRONG

  1. Seems obvious to me, then they get a pass from the criminal justice system. In a way I envy the kid today in his late teens, who will see what this country looks like in 60 years. Should prove interesting.

  2. It’s the water. Lookit Californica. Drinking stagnant water from the damned dam they use to hold the water they stole from other states’ river basin has messed Californicans’ minds. Spect Moore accepted tap water when dining in a restaurant while visiting there. That should be a lesson for all. Drink only booze and spring water from Flint Michigan.

    • Ha! Yeuch! I’d rather drink from a mud puddle at this point! But yeah, Moore has sampled too much of something for him to persist in saying that it’s the political right that is pushing the current totalitarianism.

  3. Lulu: “Why do you have a picture of Rasputin in a post about Alan Moore?”

  4. I am against both extremes as well. Thats why Im Independent, Libertarian, and Extreme. I called Klantifa White Privileged [the same with everyone else] on my last day with Twitter two years ago. Alan Moore looks like he has diarrhea

  5. The Lefties will say and do anything because, after all, they are superheroes trying to save the world from climate change, capitalists, and right-wingers while pushing nonsensical policies and violence down our throats. But they’re all cowards.

    • Yes, they are all cowards. Hiding behind their masks and numbers, they’ll batter unarmed people but run away when they’re not in a jurisdiction where they will get lenient treatment.

  6. I hate Alan Moore. There isn’t a horror or sexual way that he doesn’t do in his stories. He can’t tell a story without over-the-top violence especially sexual.

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