Big Tech and corrupt parties are bleeding Amercia just to secure their power


Brief on the USA right now:

They – the Big Brothers and their corrupt pets – are sending millions to foreign country in the name of “Help Act” but trust me, none of my relatives in Vietnam have received anything from the government for Covid help so far. So where has the money gone? Into the pockets of corrupt corporations and people like Hunter Biden or so?! Into the pockets of the Communism party who have their children living a fancy life in USA without having to work a day in life?!

They wanted to destroy Trump’s wall and open up the border but at the same time sending billions to the middle East countries to help them build wall to secure their borders and protect them from terrorists. What about Americans? Who will protect us? TRUMP has been fighting to protect our borders, to secure our country’s safety for…

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4 responses to “Big Tech and corrupt parties are bleeding Amercia just to secure their power

  1. Someone


    Of course, when the bastards on Wall Street do it, it’s legal theft.

  2. So true. I added my name to common law listing today as things are going to hell. At least I’ll own my own bloody name!

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