1960s old man

*** *** *** *** *** *** ** *  1960s leftist who still considers himself a young rebel with new ideas.

Apparently the fact that I’m clearly not a Conservative causes America’s Left-Wing Archie Bunkers to get REALLY upset over my criticism of them. They’re used to pretending that only right-wingers criticize them and fall to pieces when  confronted with reality. Rather than waste time replying to them all one by one I’ve compiled this FAQ with me paraphrasing the questions that Left-Wing Archie Bunkers ask.  

Q: We 1960s generation left-wingers who have spent our lives in the prolonged adolescence of the academic world consider ourselves to be all-wise people who know more than anyone else does. Why do you call us Left-Wing Archie Bunkers?

A: Because you are relics of a time when the Western World was long past due for some collective introspection and reevaluation. FIVE DECADES have passed since then, however, and we are now in a period when the Muslim World is long past due for some collective introspection and reevaluation. Your generation refuses to EVER consider the possibility that people outside of the Western World could be in the wrong on any given issue.

Like the fictional Archie Bunker you dinosaurs reflexively lapse into the attitudes of your younger years and fail to face the realities of a changing world. 

old hippy

*** ** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** **  1960s Archie Bunker: Back in MYYYY DAYYYYYY you were automatically considered right as long as you took sides against the democracies of the Western World!

Q: But if all that is true then how come a lot of people in their teens and twenties agree with us … well, at least until they grow up.  

A: Because of the way that the members of your generation who gravitated to the educational field abused – and continue to abuse – their teaching positions to inflict their stagnant and increasingly outdated worldview on their students. Then those students went on to do the same, even repeating the 60s generation’s ugly belief that the role of a teacher is to browbeat their pupils with what they consider to be “the proper political opinions.”

This distorted the educational system, which needs to be an arena for young minds to be guided toward a multitude of ideas. Like the worst political regimes in history you Left-Wing Archie Bunkers have instead made it a realm of conformity and mindless dogma.

You repeatedly snivel about how supposedly close-minded the generation before yours was but the truth is IF they had been as close-minded and intolerant in the educational field as YOUR generation and your students have turned out to be your political notions would have been suffocated in the 60s. Too bad you pompous hypocrites refuse to show the same courtesy to younger generations. Instead you want all new ideas to die still-born if they challenge your prejudices.     

Muslim oppression 2Just as your generation distorted the educational system you also distorted Liberalism into a political philosophy that is critical ONLY of the Western World. Every victim of the ever-bolder Muslim fascist movements around the globe can be partially laid at your door because of the way you Left-Wing Archie Bunkers and your younger 1960s wannabe’s insist on crippling any effort to criticize Muslim intolerance. This is why so many of us have stopped calling ourselves Liberals. We do not want to be associated with you gutless hypocrites in any way, shape or form. It does NOT make us Conservatives.






  1. Newsflash! When you criticism liberals, you squarely put yourself in the camp of the Conservatives. I find your double-think amusing.

  2. Rose

    To: Russell Smith
    You are so wrong in so many ways. Liberal and Conservative are not the only two choices.

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