V for VendettaYes, it’s once again Guy Fawkes Day, the day we celebrate figures who became symbols of the exact opposite things they represented in their actual lives!

Thanks to V For Vendetta, one of Alan Moore’s many overrated comic books, masks of Guy Fawkes have become associated with Moore’s fictional freedom fighter who opposed a theocratic dictatorship in a dystopic future.

In reality Guy Fawkes was plotting to enable the institution of a theocratic dictatorship. And you can’t claim Moore was trying to be ironic by going with a mask of Guy Fawkes. In one of his interviews about V For Vendetta Moore mentions how he and the artist he was collaborating with decided they would give Guy Fawkes “the image he always deserved.”

That comment made it clear that they bought into the vague notion of Fawkes as some sort of heroic rebel. People who despise Guy Fawkes for what he really was can at least get plenty of laughs at Fawkes’ likely reaction if he knew what he has come to symbolize.  

Viva La IgnorantThe second most appropriate figure for this theme would be Che Guevara, the mass murdering, homophobic would-be dictator who became a symbol of youthful rebellion. Thank the clueless 1960s generation for elevating such a repulsive and barely human creature to such heights.

Read this animal’s own words and you will see what a callous, unfeeling political fanatic this hate-filled scumbag was. He never wanted to overthrow dictatorships to help “the people”, he just wanted to overthrow them to install dictatorships more to his liking.

Che Guevara 2In other words dictatorships that would let that bloodthirsty maniac kill as many people as he wanted. Che Guevara was a waste of biomass and was the exact opposite of what delusional and uninformed fools consider him to have been.

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  1. Great blog! I never knew Che was such a jerk!

  2. u r right – Che Guevara is garbage.

  3. Quartermain

    I find it ironic that in V for Vendetta and Watchmen that anarchist writer had as it’s most likeable and decent characters were policemen.

    Finch in V for Vendetta.

    Hollis Mason in Watchmen.

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