Islam not one damn thingIt’s no secret that Islam is the most misogynistic, homophobic and otherwise intolerant religion in the world at this particular point in history. Here is just a tiny sampling of the recent atrocities perpetrated by the rabid beast of a religion that forever retards the rest of the world’s social progress. They just can’t stop “perpetuating the cycle of violence.”

The Islamic State performed the Muslim sacrament of beheading on a Syrian street magician because his magic act was considered (yawn) “an insult to Islam.” Cartoons, snowmen, hey, what ISN’T considered an insult to this blood-soaked and savagely superstitious faith founded by an insane child rapist? The mere EXISTENCE of diverse religions and lifestyles is taken as an insult by this backward belief system.  

In Nigeria the local franchise in the global Muslim insanity – Boko Haram – recently used a TEN YEAR OLD GIRL as a suicide bomber to kill 16 people.

The U.N. reported that the Islamic State is using MENTALLY CHALLENGED children as suicide bombers.

ToonophobiaWith this type of activity a DAILY event 10,000 British Muslims turned out to express their disgust with … the Charlie Hebdo Cartoons of Muhammad. Sporting various signs that a reasonable person might interpret as threats to the general public about drawing pictures of Muhammad they mounted the kind of large-scale rally they can NEVER be troubled to show when it comes to the terrorists who allegedly “distort” Islam. Hey, wouldn’t those “distortions” count as “an insult to Muhammad?” Nah, better to protest cartoons instead.

And how far are the gutless grovelers for Islam willing to go to accomodate the savage  superstitions of these people? Today they want it against the law to publish drawings of their alleged “prophet” who died centuries ago. Tomorrow? Well … 

Oh, wait, Islam teaches that Muhammad didn’t die – he “rose to the heavens.” So is that up next when it comes to appeasing that barbaric belief system? Will all of us who are NOT Muslims be required to indulge the pretense that Islam’s child-raping founder did not die long ago? I can’t imagine any of the DMV bureaucrats who masquerade as “educators” here in the year 2015 being willing to take a stand and unconditionally tell their Muslim students that it’s just too bad if it offends them, but non-Muslim students do NOT have to play along with their foolishness.

And let me remind gutless grovelers for Islam that I’m a non-believer, so I also express skepticism over Christian teachings about Jesus Christ, so don’t waste my time pretending you’re “deep” by ridiculing Christian beliefs about Jesus coming back from the dead.

For the individual items referred to above just search online under appropriate search phrases. I long ago stopped providing links since people today are so paranoid and partisan they don’t trust links to sites not of their own choosing. 






  2. The most frequent constant too.

  3. Very true. I am so sick of them finding the time to protest cartoons but never protest the way fanatics supposedly distort Mohammeds teachings.

  4. The Muslim world needs to be told to join the rest of the world.

  5. And the one constant destined to go on and on until somebody takes a stand.

  6. Women and gay people should fear Islam.

  7. Before you know it more and more of us will be victims of Muslim fanatics.

  8. Whoa! Somebody telling it like it is about Islam!

  9. Muslim atrocities are too frequent.

  10. Do you pick on other religions too?

    • Yes I do, but I’m a rational human being so I don’t pretend that Islam is not the most homophobic, misogynistic and otherwise intolerant faith in the world at this particular point in history.

  11. Islam is still too primitive.

  12. you’re truly a excellent webmaster.

  13. So when does the civilized world strike back?

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  16. Do you like any religion?

  17. Islam should scare all women into opposing it.

  18. Its like Muslim terrorists think the rest of us are casualties in a video game.

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