Barack Obama: Pathological Liar

Barack Obama: Pathological Liar

Trying to keep up with all of the corruption and criminal malfeasance of the Barack Obama administration is a difficult task. As with the Nixon scandals the supporters of the crook in the White House at first smugly dismissed the ongoing investigations, then pompously declared them to be “political witch hunts”. Finally, they resigned themselves to the fact that the scandals weren’t going away and tried to downplay them, shift blame or (in the case of Little Barry Obama) make unfounded accusations of “racism”. Uh. Yeah, Barry. Like no other presidents have been grilled while in office.

And remember, I’m the furthest thing from a Conservative. In fact I outspokenly supported gay marriage YEARS before the weak little man named Barack Obama decided it was politically safe enough for his opposition to it to “evolve” into support.  

And let’s not forget Barry’s slimiest partner in crime Eric Holder, the 21st Century J Edgar Hoover who abuses his position for political purposes and is up to his ears in investigations and impeachment hearings himself. At any rate let’s dive in to the Obama Crime Family Scandal Guide:

FAST AND FURIOUS – Obama and his Consigliere Eric Holder’s inept (or outrightly crooked) attempt to investigate gun-running instead resulted in countless weapons falling into the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartels who have begun to hold sway in Mexico the way the cartels in Columbia did in their nation.

Not only were those weapons used in the murder of an American law enforcement officer but there are indications that some of Holder’s underlings benefited by DIRECTLY SELLING SOME OF THE GUNS TO THE CARTELS.

IRS SCANDAL – Obama and his fellow Chicago sleazoids showed that the Nixon crooks were mere pikers when it came to using the IRS to attack their political foes. This scandal and the ongoing investigation are well-represented all over the web so feel free to seek them out. I don’t have enough room for all the repulsive details.

NSA SPYING – Nothing represents how much the Democratic and Republican Parties consider themselves above the rest of us “mere peasants” than this scandal. The original outrage over Obama’s eavesdropping on literally all of us including BOTH friendly AND unfriendly reporters died away as both political parties wanted to preserve the right of the government to violate at will the privacy rights of “the rabble” they rule over. Even the usually-obedient Huffington Post called Obama’s war on press freedom “a dictator’s dream.” 

CRONY CAPITALISM – Little Barry has funneled literally billions of taxpayer dollars to companies run by his cronies. Be it 1, 2, 3 Tech, Solyndra or so many others (just search online) Obama has specialized in funneling funds to his fellows in white-collar crime. In an interesting twist on an old trick that Republican Presidents often used Little Barry disguises his outright plundering of the public treasury as “Green Technology” the way Republicans disguise their own thefts under the guise of “Defense Contracts.”

OBAMACARE – To refresh the memories of my overseas readers Obamacare was going to be voted down after the 2010 mid-term elections saw the election of candidates who were elected (0r reelected) LARGELY BECAUSE OF THEIR OPPOSITION TO OBAMACARE. In the typical style of the hilariously pretentious asses of American Liberalism they were horrified that the will of the voters was about to interfere with their fanatical mission to prove that they know what’s best for “the rabble”.

Acting before the newly-elected representatives could be sworn in the Lame Duck Congress SHOVED THROUGH Obamacare, which did not get ANY votes from the Republicans, no matter how much Democrats are trying to rewrite history to spread the blame around. In their mad rush to get Little Barry a trademark piece of legislation Nancy Pelosi and company ignored all the obvious flaws in Obamacare. (No, paranoid Liberals I’m NOT a Conservative, just look around my site and see.)

Add to all that the scandal behind the money wasted on the Obamacare website that doesn’t work, the real-life suffering of people who have LOST THEIR EXISTING POLICIES because of Obama’s callous legislation and the emerging evidence that Obama knew about all the flaws and upcoming cancellation of policies when he lied by saying that if people liked their present coveage they could keep it. Everything this repulsive little man touches is a disaster!  

BENGHAZI – September 11th, 2012, the eleventh anniversary of 9-11 saw a pre-planned attack on the U.S. installation in Benghazi, Libya, with Obama callously refusing to send aid to those under assault. Four Americans lost their lives in the attack, including our Ambassador, a gay man whose sexual preference outraged his Muslim killers to such a degree that they sodomized him with a broom before dragging his body through the streets.

With the 2012 Presidential election drawing near Obama and his administration lied about the attacks, blaming them on “spontaneous riots” over an internet video which showed irreverance to Islam. Obama’s motive seems to have been to avoid political embarrasment because he had claimed Al Qaeda was on the run but the Benghazi attack was mounted by elements of Al Qaeda. This could have been Little Barry’s version of Lyndon Johnson’s loss of credibility after the Tet Offensive in the Vietnam War, hence the lies about the internet video and the ongoing coverup.

Ever an empty, soulless little man Barry LIED OVER THE COFFINS OF THE AMERICANS SLAIN IN THE ATTACK and continued lying and lying about Benghazi ever since. Recently an erroneous report about the Benghazi scandal has temporarily been used to treat the scandal as non-existent, just like happened during Watergate when Woodward and Bernstein made an error over grand jury testimony. The Nixon administration, like the Obama administration is now doing, tried to pretend that one error meant that ALL the reports on the scandal were in error. It only convinced deluded Nixon supporters and deluded Obama supporters.

VOTER FRAUD – The tale of Obama and ACORN being involved in so much voter fraud years ago resulted in severe consequences but under various names and ad hoc organizations Obama has still been helping the cause of voter fraud. His administration has been entangled in so many of these scandals you’re better off seeking out all the details online – I don’t have enough space here.

DRONES – The weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama has been fond of using airborne drones to kill people without due process. Eric Holder, who leaves the same slug-like trail of slime behind him wherever he goes that Little Barry does, had his Department insist the President has the authority to do this even though he doesn’t. Don’t Democrats realize that someday a Republican will be back in the White House? Why do they love setting all these ugly precedents regarding unconstitutional expansion of presidential powers?

FOREIGN POLICY – It certainly could be considered a scandal the way Obama’s foreign policy has further alienated countries who were already hostile to the United States and driven wedges between our country and previously friendly nations.

Obama, like the repulsive 1960’s generation of American Liberals mindlessly believes that the Western Democracies are automatically wrong on all issues and everyone who is hostile to the Western Democracies is automatically right. Masochism as foreign policy has been as disastrous and counter-productive as you would think. Even relations with the Muslim world are worse than they were under the detestable George W Bush.  

THE EVER-INCREASING SUBSTITUTION OF EXECUTIVE ORDERS FOR ACTUAL LEGISLATION – Little Barry has issued more Executive Orders than ALL PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED! He has substituted countless dictatorial and constitutionally questionable Executive Orders rather than do what all previous Presidents have done – actually negotiate with the opposition party in Congress.

Obama loves pointing out that he won his election but SO DID THE REPRESENTATIVES IN CONGRESS WHO OPPOSE HIS POLICIES. SO DID THE STATE-LEVEL OFFICEHOLDERS WHO OPPOSE HIS POLICIES. Once again Obama seems to confuse the Presidency with a dictatorship and thinks his office is the only one that matters.

THE NON-EXISTENT BUDGET – Presidents are legally required to submit a budget for Congressional approval no later than February of each calendar year. Obama has repeatedly failed to do this, preferring to sulk over the notion that he can’t get everything he wants in the budget. This is one of the factors behind America’s continuing Soap Opera surrounding government shutdowns, the sequestration, etc.

RECESS APPOINTMENTS – Little Barry Obama’s petulant refusal to recognize the constitutional authority of Congress strikes again! Barry didn’t like the fact that the Senate was acting on its perfectly legal power to oppose Presidential appointments to various positions (just as they’ve done to ALL PREVIOUS PRESIDENTIAL ADMINISTRATIONS). In a blatant effort to circumvent the Senate’s advice and consent role on such appointments Obama waited until Congress was in recess, then simply appointed (often questionable) figures to fill those vacancies.

Congress protested and even the federal courts have RULED OBAMA’S RECESS APPOINTMENTS UNCONSTITUTIONAL but still Little Barry refuses to comply with these legal decisions. His attitude seems to be the same as Andrew Jackson’s reputed reaction to a Supreme Court ruling that went against him – “(The Court) has made (its) decision. Now let (it) enforce it!” Men in high office who behave in this high-handed way have provoked revolutions and justifiably so.

STATE DEPARTMENT SEX SCANDALS – It’s long been a given in American politics that Ambassadorial posts and other such positions overseas are given to poltical cronies or donors. Some of Obama’s buddies who were appointed to these posts were involved in prostitution and alleged sexual harassment scandals while serving in those posts.

The Obama administration had the Inspector General’s office block the investigations into these sex scandals of Barry’s friends. 

REFUSAL TO ENFORCE THE NATION’S IMMIGRATION LAWS – American Liberals proceed from the bigoted assumption that all Hispanic-Americans know or ARE illegal immigrants and that they can woo the Hispanic vote by allowing as much illegal immigration as possible. Obama’s thug Eric Holder actually has taken individual states to court for daring to enforce the immigration laws themselves.

So once again we see Obama embracing the illegal and unconstitutional notion that Presidents are free to enforce ONLY the laws they agree with and prevent the other laws from being enforced. 

Obama’s fondness for voter fraud (see above) is also behind his opposition to Voter ID’s. He assumes that illegal immigrants who illegally vote in United States elections will likely vote for the people with “D”s after their names so he is fine with this. Ironically, even the U.N. election observers who were here in 2012 were shocked that America does not require any Voter ID’s. Hilarious! 


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  1. giorge thomas

    An interesting piece for an outsider like me. I often wonder if here in Australia we are only shown one side of things; the great PR spin.

    • Thank you! Plus I’ve barely covered half the scandals of the Obama administration. Family emergency so I will finish up tomorrow.

      I’m disgusted with both the liberals and the conservatives here in the U.S. but I will admit the liberals own most of the media outlets so people overseas often get the false impression that we as a nation are only fed up with the Republicans.

      In truth we’ve come to loathe both parties and their candidates who are nothing but white collar criminals. We want third and fourth parties to flourish but it’s an uphill fight.

  2. I used to defend Obama but that is impossible to do anymore. What a scumbag!

  3. Very well put. This man should never have held office outside of Chicago.

  4. Difficult to argue with any of this now. Every day brings new revelations about how corrupt Obama and his administration are.

  5. Nice to see someone point out how crooked Obama is!

  6. Pretty strong language but this crook gets coddled so much by the press I guess its called for.

  7. Very biting look at this crook’s many scandals!

  8. I cannot believe what a horribly disappointing man Barack Obama has been.

  9. Obama is even more crooked than Nixon!

  10. Nice to see someone notice these scandals. Obama is shit!

  11. O be da shit! Fuk alla u crakkaz

  12. Very good article! Obama deserves all the criticism he gets!

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