A symbol of hatred and slavery.

A symbol of hatred and slavery.

It’s your old buddy Balladeer, but you can just call me “the puppet of Jews” like the Muslim fanatics who threaten me do. That blood-soaked beast among the world’s religions, Islam, is in the news once again for the usual reason: the ongoing war between Muslim fanatics and the modern world.

The homophobes, misogynists and xenophobes of a terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda stormed a shopping mall in Kenya, where I guess Muslims were somehow being “oppressed” by acts of commerce, and gunned down non-Muslims. The body count continues to climb amid horrific tales told by witnesses about the Muslim terrorists asking shoppers random questions like the name of Muhammad’s mother or certain verses from the Koran, etc. If you couldn’t answer they killed you.

(By the way, you may remember Little Barry Obama’s claim that Al Qaeda was on the run. That little man is always either wrong or lying.)

The cowardly hypocrites of American Liberalism will only ever criticize American Christian Conservative fanatics and are far too frightened to speak out about these actions, as usual. If only the terrorists had sported Republican Party campaign buttons, THEN this would get ’round the clock coverage.

Remember, I’m sure as hell not a conservative but I don’t want anyone to EVER mistake me for those spineless panderers and conformists called American Liberals. By the way, “Moderate” Muslims upset about this alleged perversion of their faith had this to say about the slaughter: ” … “.   And that’s a direct quote! 


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  1. They are nothing but cowards, never stand and fight and army , always kill the ordinary innocent people , scum of the earth, they remind me of another group of people just like them, the IRA.

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    The truth can always be talked about.

  3. Spineless scum who hide behind their so-called religion. They are the evil scourge of the planet. They really need to be excised like the cancerous filth they truly are.

    • Yes, the whole world needs to start openly expressing opposition to Muslim fanatics like this. Our ridiculous president Little Barry Obama actually made the stupid remark that “The Muslim world has moral superiority to the western democacies because of colonialism.”

      That asshole is so incredibly uninformed he actually doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that Muslim colonialism of Africa PRECEDED European colonialism. It was NOT the indigenous religion throughout Africa but was spread by the sword and in a sea of blood.

      Little Barry only opposes Western colonialism, though, not Muslim colonialism apparently. Brainless figurehead.

      • lanceleuven

        “The Muslim world has moral superiority to the western democracies because of colonialism.”

        He actually said that?? What a stupid thing to say. Colonialism was wrong, granted, but it’s not a trump card that annuls all subsequent acts.

      • Yes he did, believe it or not.

        Regarding Obamacare he even made the blatantly false statement that the Supreme Court has never overturned a law passed by the U.S. Congress, just state legislatures. Actually the Supreme Court has done that plenty of times by declaring laws passed by the U.S. Congress unconstitutional. For an alleged former teacher of Constitutional Law that is a very stupid thing for him to say.

  4. It makes you wonder why more Muslims who supposedly disapprove of this violence don’t speak out.

  5. Islam is not a religion of peace.

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  7. Keep telling the world about these Muslim atrocities!

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