Why We Left Islam

Why We Left Islam

Why We Left Islam: Former Muslims Speak Out is a terrific book about the ordeals and the threats endured by people who left the religion of the title.  I’m a non-believer in all of the world’s religions and I often find myself in conversations where people who are fine with me discussing Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism or any other belief system with clinical detachment  turn gutless and groveling if I refuse to speak of Islam with reverence. 

I like to mention terrific books like this one because they deserve a wider audience. The American Left is far too spineless to treat Islam with the  same critical  approach they use with Christianity and the American Right lacks credibility because of the Christian fanatics in their ranks. This book allows you to hear the kind of horrific first-hand accounts the left would be featuring on every news program if they involved Christian abuses. 

And as for Liberal apologists for Islam don’t waste my time asking me why it’s the business of the rest of the world to care about these issues, especially regarding Islam’s treatment of women. It’s for the same reason it was the rest of the world’s business to pressure South Africa to end Apartheid. The American Left was vocal about that issue, but hey, that’s because the pro-Apartheid forces in South Africa didn’t roam the globe blowing up people, derailing trains or piloting planes into the sides of buildings. If they had you can bet the American Left’s reaction would have been to drop to their bellies and crawl like they do for Islam, all the while pretending they are taking a “principled stand” about not forcing external values on another culture. 

Islam is the only religion that perpetuates superstitious savagery like killing people over forbidden pictures and Islam’s treatment of women deserves nothing but contempt from non-Muslims. American feminists like Sally Quinn can’t seem to be bothered to show the courage that women like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Irshad Manji and others have shown on this issue. I guess it’s much safer to whine about “the Patriarchy” of the West rather than face the risks involved with taking on the biggest oppressor of women of the moment. It’s clear that American feminists consider Islam’s treatment of women to be their “peculiar institution” like America’s southern states felt about slavery. There were cowards back then, too, who feared offending the sensibilities of the slave owners and discouraged criticism of the way they treated human beings they considered “property”. 

Cower on, Liberals! But while you’re at it, stop being puzzled by the latest Gallup poll indicating how few Americans consider themselves Liberals anymore. You’ve earned nothing but contempt from the rest of us for the way you refuse to ever say a harsh word about anyone in the world except for American Conservatives. Not exactly gutsy. I still feel my lifelong hostility for Conservatism but I’ve come to absolutely despise the cowardly hypocrisy that masquerades as Liberalism now.   

FOR MORE ON LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES CLICK HERE: https://glitternight.com/category/liberals-and-conservatives/

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  1. Islam treats women like slaves! Good 4 u!

  2. I’m pleased to see a man have the courage to say these things about Islam and about cowardly hypocrites.

  3. Marvelous book! I recommend it!

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