It’s that time of year again! Time to cover the list of college baseball players drafted from some of the divisions covered by Balladeer’s Blog and present their Official Balladeer’s Blog Nicknames. As always these nicknames are purely tongue-in-cheek and bear no resemblance to any actual nicknames ever applied to these players.

Lee FlamesNAIA – The LEE UNIVERSITY FLAMES led the NAIA with five players selected: Myles “O’Keefe” Smith – Boston Red Sox   ###   Jose Samayoa, “The Right-Handed Throwa” – Texas Rangers   ###   Andy “Hollywood” Hills – Milwaukee Brewers   ###   “Clobberin'” Clint Terry – also Milwaukee   ###   And Alex “One Lee Player” Moore – also Milwaukee.

LCULUBBOCK CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY CHAPARRALS – LCU had four players selected: Fabian “Civis Romanus Sum” Roman – Cinci Reds   ###   Christian “The Bad CV” Vasquez – Toronto Blue Jays   ###   Jace “The Ace” Chancellor – San Diego Padres   ###   And Derek “The Domino” Loera – Tampa Bay Rays

tennessee wesleyan collegeTENNESSEE WESLEYAN COLLEGE BULLDOGS – The Bulldogs boasted three players selected: Michaael “The Baller” Carballo – Chicago White Sox   ###   Jake “Limestone” Stone – Saint Louis Cardinals   ###   And Justin “The Nick of Time” Sprenger – Texas Rangers

acu firestormARIZONA CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY FIRESTORM – “Never Borin'” Orrin Sears – Atlanta Braves   ###   And Joel “Singe” Thys – Arizona Diamondbacks

MENLO COLLEGE OAKS – Jimmy “Battlin'” Bosco – St Louis Cardinals   ###   And Joey “The Spider” Webb – Washington Nationals

oklahoma city university starsOKLAHOMA CITY UNIVERSITY STARS – Chase “Is The Thing” Jensen – San Diego Padres   ###   And Cody “C Squared” Crabaugh – Miami Marlins

TEXAS WESLEYAN RAMS – Henry “Rowdy” Yates – Los Angeles Dodgers   ###   And “District of Cory” Bafidis – Washington Nationals

brewtonparkerBREWTON-PARKER COLLEGE BARONS – “Jaunty” Jon Kemmer – Houston Astros

SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY FIRE – Johnnie “The Human Torch” Kirkland – Tigers 

FAULKNER UNIVERSITY EAGLES – Johnny “What’sa” Shuttlesworth – Diamondbacks 

usao_drovers_150px31USAO DROVERS – “Blackjack” Blake McMullen – A’s 

CAL STATE SAN MARCOS COUGARS – “Joltin'” James Dykstra – White Sox

SPSU RUNNIN’ HORNETS – Nick “Blount Object” – White Sox

CONCORDIA (CA) EAGLES – Cole “The Collider” Swanson – Angels

Olivet Nazarene logoOLIVET NAZARENE UNIVERSITY TIGERS – Ben “Bat Outta” Heller – Indians

FISHER FALCONS – Christopher “The Commanding Officer” O’Hare – Phillies

Master's College Mustangs logoTHE MASTER’S COLLEGE MUSTANGS – Cody “Wyoming” Harris – Marlins

CC FIGHTING SAINTS – Riley “Rex” King – Royals

BELHAVEN BLAZERS – Kyle “Moonfire” Wheeler – A’s

ST THOMAS (FL) UNIVERSITY BOBCATS – “Tricky” Ricky Claudio – Mariners

Northwood (TX) KnightsNORTHWOOD (TX) KNIGHTS – “Kid” Colton Reavis – Rays

EVANGEL UNIVERSITY CRUSADERS – Blake “The McDark” McKnight – Cardinals

ERAU EAGLES – Eric “The Red” Green – Orioles

LEWIS-CLARK STATE WARRIORS – “Commando” Cody Lavalli  

* CCCAA * 

El Camino WarriorsEL CAMINO COLLEGE WARRIORS – Garrett “Super” Cooper – Brewers

RIVERSIDE TIGERS – Kenny “The Classy KM” Matthews – Indians   ###   Troy “The Trojan” Scott – Mariners   ###   Tanner “Than You Are” Kiest – Dodgers   ###   And Cortland “Rice Fox” Cox – Indians 

FEATHER RIVER COLLEGE EAGLES – “Bustin'” Justin Bohn – Marlins   ###   And Jacob “Wild Jake” Bray – Orioles

COLLEGE OF THE CANYONS COUGARS – “Chevalier” Trey Williams – Phillies

chabot college gladiatorsCHABOT COLLEGE GLADIATORS – Will “Power” LaMarche – Tigers   ###   And “Crushin'” Craig Massoni – Giants

CYPRESS COLLEGE CHARGERS – Alex “Old Man” Newman – Royals   ###   And Steven “Citizen” Kane – Indians 

SIERRA WOLVERINES – Andrew “Mad Andy” Cooper – Nationals

Mount San Antonio College MountiesMT SAN ANTONIO COLLEGE MOUNTIES – Derrick “Vanilla” Penilla – Twins

GROSSMONT GRIFFINS – Billy “Flame-On” Flamion – Dodgers

COLLEGE OF MARIN MARINERS – “Wandering” Will White – Marlins   ###   And Tyler “The Smiler” Ihrig – Cubs 

San Diego Mesa College logoSAN DIEGO MESA COLLEGE OLYMPIANS – “Thrillin'” Dillon Haupt – White Sox

WEST LOS ANGELES WILDCATS – Jonathan “The Judge” Davis – Brewers

LA-SOUTHWESTERN JAGUARS – Matt “Doc” DeRosier – Nationals   ###   And Hec “Ramsey” Montes – Rays 

Hartnell College Panthers logoHARTNELL PANTHERS – Guzman “The Florentine Master” Michaelangelo – Mariners

WEST VALLEY COLLEGE VIKINGS – Mike “The MP” Peterson – Rangers

GLENDALE (CA) VAQUEROS – “Buster” Keaton Leach – Cubs

SANTA ANA DONS – “Flyin'” Ryan Chapman – Mets

comptoncollegeCOMPTON COLLEGE TARTARS – “Wonderman” Juan Avena – Mets

RIO HONDO COLLEGE ROADRUNNERS – Paul “The Punisher” Paez – Mets

LOS MEDANOS MUSTANGS – “Mighty” Kelly Starnes – Twins 


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  1. Nice 2 c real student athletes move on to the MLB!

  2. Guys who play baseball r so sexy!

  3. Nice nicknames for these future millionaires!

  4. Fantastic! Congratulations to these players!

  5. I want my brother to play for one of these teams!

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