Two sullen animals whose only significance came from the harm their religion drove them to do

Two sullen animals whose only significance came from the harm their religion drove them to do

As surely as April follows March the bizarre masochists of America will blame themselves after every attack by Muslim fanatics. Never mind the fact that Muslims in America tend to live better than they do in countries run by their fellow Muslims. Even worse, in this case the sullen losers called the Tsarnaev brothers are getting shown more public compassion than their victims. And the demented cackling of their paranoid, shoplifting mother is on television even more often than campaign ads in an election year.  

Imagine being a family member of one of the 3 dead and over 250 maimed and wounded from the Muslim Marathon Massacre and seeing how the increasingly demented creatures of the American media insist on celebrating the killers or maimers of your loved ones. And doing it over and over again simply because it fits into their masochistic “narrative” in which the country that took pathetic human beings like the Tsarnaev brothers in and even let their family have welfare benefits didn’t do enough to make them feel welcome and therefore supposedly DROVE them to the acts of violence they commited.

EVERY ONE OF THE VICTIMS OF THOSE TWO ANIMALS HAD ISSUES THEY WERE DEALING WITH, TOO! Because the Tsarnaevs’ victims were civilized they bore their individual pains like reasonable people do. None of their problems will ever be addressed because the repulsive American media insists on wallowing in this nauseating glorification of the petty complaints of two savage  ingrates who couldn’t deal with their own ignorance and insignificance and sought release by destroying the lives of people who did them no harm.

Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know that I trash both Liberals and Conservatives equally, but on this issue it is purely Liberals who are to blame. The next time you hear one of the spineless, hypocritical and hilariously pretentious asses of American Liberalism spewing forth their usual hatred for all American Christians, Republicans and Conservatives spit in their face and tell them not to say anything about their favorite hate objects that they wouldn’t say about those two animals, the Tsarnaev Brothers. 

Surely since American Liberals ENDLESSLY pat themselves on the back for how “compassionate” they PRETEND to be they can spare some for people who simply vote differently from them. At least as much “compassion” as they show for the murderous products of a backward religion that hates music, women and gay people and riots over the drawing of pictures of its central figure.


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  1. CNN, Fox News and the rest are bad for your mental health. People got killed in “the good old days”, too. We just didn’t have every horror pounded into our head on a 24 hour loop.

    If you had to ask me who the real terrorists are, I’d have to say the media. It bleeds; it leads… right?

    • Actually, CM ONLY if it fits their political agenda, it leads. Doctor Kermit Who? Lots of bloodshed there but scarce coverage.

      • True, not to mention the lack of coverage on other bloody fronts. I’ve heard quite about about Kermit’s little shop of torture, but that’s a given. If Kermit was given the media attention Boston is getting, Roe v. Wade would be overturned in a blink.

  2. Rachel Laird

    I agree good sir. Making these monsters into the victims is as bad as Time exploiting that terrified child on the cover of their magazine. Media in this country thrives on this kind of thing see Stubenville rape case and how CNN wanted the public to feel sorry for the rapist because the guilty verdict will ruin their lives. The way the media in this country treats terrorists, rapists, murderers and pedophiles is repulsive, they hold them up as victims to justify the horrible acts they commit. The job of the media in this country is to keep us afraid and looking to them for “up to the minute information” There is no reason for these animals to garner anything other the the contempt they so richly deserve.

    • Thanks for saying so. I agree with all of that. I can’t imagine how painful it is for the families of the victims to see these people getting treated like they’re just poor misunderstood little boys. And their mother’s “Edith Prickley in a babooshka” act has gotten very old very fast.

  3. The Tsarnaev’s are a disgrace to humanity.

  4. anon

    I think the media fascination with these type of events always warps our approach to life and legislation in general. Makes people thankful for the Patriot Act or ready to call for something even more invasive since it evidently didn’t stop these two killers.

    In some ways maybe we must be fascinated psychologically and reduced to asking “why?” because the death penalty is so rarely carried out that there is little satisfaction to be had with justice. As they live, they become the celebrities we love to hate, and when we hate them we remember them. Much of what Hollywood produces trains us to think this way, too.

    There is no concern for honoring the victims’ value by punishing the guilty. We must rehabilitate these poor unsuspecting criminals, the state will reeducate them into model citizens, hollywood will humanize them, we will feel sorry for them—but the country will not remember the victim’s names.

    • Thanks for the comment!

      I think those are accurate semtiments. And I too have no problem with compassion for the perpetrators. The problem comes in with the pretensions of the political left who feel that it’s so declasse to worry about the victims and their families. That’s part of what leads to this elevation of the perpetrators over their victims.

      In this case it’s complicated by American Liberals’ repulsive belief that Americans deserve any acts of violence committed against them. Liberals are only aware of their own country’s faults and are oblivious to the fact that virtually every country has despicable acts in their past.

  5. jd

    Of all the possible human shortcomings, I do believe that Ingratitude is the Ugliest.

  6. omg it is so good 2 c some1 say this!

  7. Vera

    Their victims are still walking around without limbs in some cases.

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