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I’d like to offer my condolences to America’s Liberals, who were salivating with the desperate hope that the massacre at the Boston Marathon could be blamed on the Conservatives they hate with such irrational fervor. Democratic stations like NPR, CNN and others which are the Liberal versions of Fox News Channel and talk radio were lovingly dwelling on the April 15th date (Tax Day), practically orgasming at the thought that Tea Party activists might have chosen that day to become as violent as Liberals pretend they are. 

Let’s face it, American Liberals HAD to hope it was Conservatives behind the killings that we now know – and which anyone with common sense could have told – were really yet ANOTHER Muslim terrorist attack. They had to hope that because American Conservatives are the ONLY people in the entire world that the hypocritical cowards of American Liberalism will unconditionally criticize. American Liberals are far too spineless to even discuss the homophobia, xenophobia and misogyny of Islam, all while demonizing American Christians for having comparatively mild versions of those qualities.

We now know the religious and ideological affiliation of the gutless butchers of Boston, and one of them even had “Worldview: Islam” on their on-line profile. In the coming days and weeks as you observe America’s heart-broken Liberals endlessly wagging their fingers and lecturing everyone to remember that we shouldn’t judge entire groups based on the extremists in their ranks you can just laugh and think of how those same nauseating hypocrites gleefully and spitefully demonize and dehumanize everyone who disagrees with their politics, broadly painting them all as racists, gun-wielding rednecks and worse.

I will say again that I feel a lot of hostility for American Conservatives but for American Liberals I feel nothing but absolute contempt.  

FOR MORE ON WHY I DESPISE AMERICAN LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES CLICK HERE: https://glitternight.com/category/liberals-and-conservatives/

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  1. it took me a few minutes to digest this story i am a liberal but my first thought when boston happened was a muslim attack and i immediately felt ashame but couldnt shake the lingering due to all that has happened since 2001 and even further back. are there liberals that think this a conservative plot, aside from the conspiracy people that think we never landed on the moon. i am bugged by the nonsense of both libs and conservs and how they all want to get along but no one makes the effort and then when one actually reached across the isle he is lambasted. i am a lost for words and dont see this changing anytime soon. however i am glad to hear the other suspect is in custody and all this was resolved quicky. take care and keep writing!

    • Thanks! I agree, I’m glad the other suspect is in custody. Years ago I considered myself a liberal, too, but that’s because liberals used to be the ones who let other people live their lives without interference. Beginning in the early 1990’s when liberals became the Political Correctness Police and appointed themselves to patrol everyone else’s words, thoughts and actions – that’s when I rejected the labels liberal and conservative.

      It’s not mere semantics, I think the only way of cooling down the “Spain in the 1930’s” level of hatred between the left and the right is to take things issue by issue and discuss as individuals, and downplaying this bizarre tribal affiliation with the Democratic party or the Republican party.

      But like you I don’t see it ending anytime soon.

      And yes, Chris Matthews and countless people on CNN, MSNBC, etc WERE pushing the notion that it was conservatives behind the massacre. NPR even foolishly claimed April is the month for right-wing violence and used the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing as “proof” that conservatives were probably behind the Boston bombings.

      • i just a reply dont know if went through so….i find it difficult to believe the left blames the right but not unbelievable and it would not surprise me on something of this nature i am so glad to get my news from the cbc as i can tolerarte world news better from a canadian point of view. take care

      • i just a reply dont know if went through so….i find it difficult to believe the left blames the right but not unbelievable and it would not surprise me on something of this nature i am so glad to get my news from the cbc as i can tolerarte world news better from a canadian point of view. take care

      • I know what you mean! I live in the U.S. but I prefer foreign news services, too, just to get away from the non-stop liberal or conservative bias pushed by our own news agencies.

      • what you said about cnn, msnbc, ect i find hard to believe but dont leave out the fact that deep down in the bowers somewhere someone thinks this stuff up for control? i watch about 15 minutes of news a day which for me is more than enough as i cannot stand the repeating and repeating and repeating of the same news. ugh! growing there was no cable and you got evening news and nightly local news. i do listen to the cbc online to get a different view of world news and am sadden that canadians report a lot of american happenings yet this country rarely says a word about canada. keep up the writing i so enjoy your blog!

      • Thanks for the kind words!

        I stopped being surprised by the blatant propoganda in all of our domestic news agencies long ago. I often say we are like Spain in the 1930’s right before their own Civil War of 1936-1939.

  2. Pingback: Alex

    • I agree. If you want people to “coexist” like on those laughable bumper stickers talk to the people with the crescent. They can’t get along with each other and they can’t get along with non-Muslims.

  3. It’s so tragic the way so many people still want to lie down for the kind of people who committed these murders. As if caving in will save anyone from being killed by them.

  4. Islam is a threat to all women and all gay people.

  5. Islam needs to go through a Reformation period.

  6. Islam needs to be criticized so that it will improve.

  7. Saneeta

    Islamic fascism scares me as a woman.

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